#coolmumclub on Instagram: November Round Up

It’s been another month packed with #coolmumclub gorgeousness on instagram. November saw more and more of you getting involved in tagging up your piccies with the one and only #coolmumclub tag. We reached an incredible 1.5K posts already after just two months and it’s a brilliant way to keep tabs on what all our favourite bloggers are doing if we missed their posts. Don’t believe me? Have a little #coolmumclub search now and again and see for yourself…

I thought about going with a theme this month, light, smiles…but it made the selecting even harder! So here it goes, the totally un-themed selection for November. They’re gorgeous.

@wendy_naptimenatterblog  – Alex’s smile

Ladies be warned, the following photo may cause your ovaries to clench. There’s nothing lovelier than those first smiles, except maybe when you manage to catch those first smiles on camera. He’s so beautiful Wendy – this picture made me grin ear to ear, in the way that  I would if I was seeing a friends baby. That’s what I love about #coolmumclub – seeing your families grow and feeling like a small part of it. Gorge.

@Tea_or_wine ; Sugar, eggs, flour, sunshine

Such a natural capture, yet the light in the background makes this photograph just magical. If this was my daughter this would be printed, framed and on the photo wall of honour.

@littleheartsbiglove ; Love for Grandad

I knew one of Louise’s pictures would make it this month – her girls have THE best smiles on instagram! They never fail to make me feel warm inside and this one had to take the #coolmumclub crown. Sophies face is just priceless – what a picture to treasure as she grows up.

@Rhymingwithwine: I made my family disappear?

Ok so it’s nearly Christmas, and towards the end of November as the sprinkling of festive cheer started to infiltrate our instafeeds, it’d be rude not to pick a seasonal picture! This one by Dawn left me humming the theme tune of Home Alone, which we may or may not have watched a few times this week. It sums this time of year up perfectly, as we Step Into Christmas…

Each month I’ll pick a favourite from @motherhoodreal my #coolmumclub co-host. This month, I am going with this massive cheesy grin #blogfest16 shot. We had such a brilliant day having a bit of face time and mingling with a load of the linkers from #coolmumclub. This lady is as lovely as she looks.

Lastly, a quick swizz back at my own November goings on @mummuddlingthrough. We had a busy month with loads of days out here and there, date nights, and some rough nights! Lots of lazy mornings looking like this…so this one takes it. How I’ll remember November 2016.

Thanks so much for all your support! Please head over and share the love for these shots. Keep tagging away – let’s see out 2016 together! #coolmumclub


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2 thoughts on “#coolmumclub on Instagram: November Round Up

  1. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    Aw thanks lovely! I hadn’t clicked with the Home Alone link despite having watched it this week. Now you mention it though it’s kind of perfect! I love your othe choices too. Alex has the cutest little grin. Thanks again – you’ve made my morning xx

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Reply

    Such a lovely selection of photos this month and thank you so much for featuring one of mine and your lovely comment about my photos too! Love that photo of your girls in their princessy dresses sitting at the table and colouring and the photo of Talya at Blogfest too – glad you both had a lovely time there 🙂

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