#CoolMumClub on Instagram January 2018 Roundup

I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier to see the start of a new month. We actually, properly survived a month of no alcohol here at HQ. Helped out by the total absence of any social life, and the bombardment of illness. However, it’s been a lovely month of cosy hibernation in a way, but now I’m ready to dust myself down and start living a little again!

As I sat going through the last months pictures, I have to confess, I’ve been feeling a little emosh.

There are loads of reasons people tap into a hashtag; for likes, for shares, for a community or just to belong to part of something. For Talya and I, #coolmumclub isn’t a job, it’s never a chore, and right here, at the start of 2018 it’s dawned on me the bond we have with you all.

So I’m sorry for getting all soppy, but you have become part of our lives – you’ve shared your families, your news, the ups and the downs. We have seen you go through hard times, daunting times. Anxiety, recovery, pregnancy and loss. Huge career leaps, retraining, starting new businesses. A few shit storms, and a lot of rainbows. Stories of ill health, and tales of survival. We have watched your pregnancy announcements grow into actual people, and shared your heartaches along the way. But whatever you have all been going through, via this little hashtag, we’ve gone through it together.

So this month, I’m dedicating the round up to ALL OF YOU (I couldn’t fit everyone in, so here’s a token 12).

You all have given us so much in those squares over the last three years and 18,000 photos. #CoolMumClub would NOT be the same without every single one of you…






T E A M W O R K – Having two kids is really hard sometimes, I could no way imagine having to do it all by myself. Oli is an amazing Dad to the boys, he’s silly, fun and caring and although we have very different parenting styles (he’s the strict one and I guess I’m more of a ‘gentle parent’) I feel like we make a pretty awesome team 💪💕 Things have been going really well with the boys lately, after 14months as a family of four I finally feel like we have got the routine nailed and the kids actually like each other now 💕 Also, there is no way I could have got through my PND last year without this man looking after and supporting me 💕 Do you think you and your other half make a good parenting team? To those of you bringing up little ones on your own..I salute you!

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I’ve been tagged by some Instafolk in the 10 Random Facts thingy that’s doing the rounds. Thanks @mummakeupbag @tara_insonspiration_ @dodeestodaquiris @lisapotatoferrie @theirishbabyfairy @itsmeandethan. Sure they’re all at it! Here goes… 🔸🔸🔸1. My guilty pleasure TV is Murder She Wrote. Or any crime really. The older and cheesier, the better. If there’s a perp, a vic and some GSR, I’m in! 2. I’m allergic to cats. 3. I’m not very political, despite having a degree in Sociology and Politics. 4. I’ve never been in Croke Park. 5. All three of my kids have red hair. 6. I once got a Hole in One at the Community Games All-Ireland in pitch and putt. It was a total fluke but it got me on Jo Maxi for 6 seconds. 👍 7. I’ve flown a helicopter over Galway. 8. I won £8000 in a draw when I was eight. I bought the ticket with my Communion money. 9. I’m terrible at maths, I can’t do long division and I don’t understand tax. 10. This summer my dad sold the house I grew up in in Monaghan. Despite not having lived in it since 1996, it makes me a little sad. There were are outside it attempting to get a photo that we’ll never print. #outtakes 😆☝️ Is there anyone left to tag? @thecakemum @iamlauriem @hisfriendthefox @daddypoppins @thetullytales @2nerdsandababy @cuddle.fairy

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It’s safe to say, I can’t get enough of her! • I’m feeling a bit more human this week (I’ve started wearing tops again after a week of basically having the “ladies” out to air and heal 😂😳🍈🍈) • And yesterday I wrote Hollys birth story (link in bio – go on, have a nose! I’d love to hear what you think)! • It was soooo much nicer to write Hollys birth story than it was to write Joshs, simply because it was far calmer and less traumatic (and I could actually remember it all!!!) • Today we’re mostly chilling, eating cake (standard) and I think I’ll be joining Holly for an afternoon nap! • Last night was a long one complete with poo explosions (it was like a poo bomb exploded all over me) and some charming puking in her bed resulting in the need to change her crib at 4am! • It’s a good job she’s gorgeous! #mumlife #newborn #birthstory #babygirl #newbornlife #gurglebabygallery #daughter #sleeplessnights

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Plus of course a little LOAD of love for Mrs Real Deal herself… @motherhoodrealdeal

LEMONS AND TOMATOES – when you finally brave the colour blocking trend only for your four year old to tell you you look like “lemons and tomatoes”. Um…should I take that as a complement or…perhaps never wear this ever again??! 😂😂😂 . . #ootd #goodmorning #fashion #instafashion #fashionista #thismamaloves #coolmumclub #ukparentbloggers #mummyblogger #mummybloggeruk #nothingisordinary #motherhoodthroughig #mamastyle #mumsthatslay #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #holdthemoment #thismamalife #realmumstyle #ohheymama #dresslikeamum #whatimwearing #nothingisordinary #fashion #style #mumdresscode #thismamawears #whatmamawore #mummyshot #mymotherhood #acupofmotherhood #connectingmoms #mummybloggeruk #ukparentbloggers

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And last but not least, my fave snap from January – right where 2018 all began on New Years Day…


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