#coolmumclub on Instagram…January 2017 roundup

I don’t think I have EVER been so pleased to see a new month than I have today. January has been a total rubbish month, and can quite frankly DO ONE. Please remind me to never sign up to dry January ever again, and maybe next year fly to the bahamas on 31st December. (In my dreams). It’s been a month of freeze-yer-bits-off school runs, lurgy central with a hard to beat hacking cough, a distinct lack of social events (unless you include kids parties) and a pretty dismal state of affairs in the finances department a la Chrimbo.

But it’s over. We made it. And there were to be fair some pretty lovely bits as proven by the collective #coolmumclub taking over instagram. Your snap happy happiness was pretty infectious and it was, as always, so hard to choose. But here goes my fave four and why…

@livsalone I’ve fallen a little in love with Liv and her story she’s openly sharing with us all on instagram. We have had many a #coolmumclub baby over the last couple of years (they’re all so special!) but there’s one #coolmumclub IVF baby I am praying makes an appearance one day. Anyway, Liv, I knew their had to be a snow shot in the January selection and this heart-melting shot was hands down my fave. Fake snow, who cares…music vid? Extra #coolmumclub points! Sending love and positive vibes to you hun… xx

@justsayingmum Oh Helen could steal the show every month with her instagram skills…I HAD to choose this one being a huge London Grammar fan, well it was one album played on repeat for a year or so anyway before Frozen the Soundtrack trumped all else. It’s such an incredibly cool shot, backdrop, subject. You win Helen, queen of cool Mumming.

@mrslighty1504 One of my January highlights was our impromptu viewing of Moana with the family. This shot just captured my Moana obsessed heart and reminded me of one of my fave scenes from the movie. It’s a spectacular capture of wildlife and wonder. Incredibly beautiful.

@topsyturvytribe What’s not to love about this image – the cheekiness, the black and white simplicity and THAT expression. It’s a gorgeous snapshot of sibling loveliness that just had to make my final four. Thanks so much for joining in with #coolmumclub!

@motherhoodrealdeal So each month I’ve picked out one of Talyas piccies, just to shower her with a little #coolmumclub love. She’s honestly the best co-host! Never lets me down and this shot just oozes the kind of camaraderie that #coolmumclub is all about.

@mummuddlingthrough And finally…always time for a final look back at what I posted last month and pick a highlight. January has been a month of birthdays and parties which the girls have loved. They have done me proud with their behaviour and the way they look out for each other, it’s been quite a beautiful thing to watch. The mouse, always looking for her sister to dance with, and Tigs making sure her little sis is okay and helping her with the games. Long may it last.

So that’s it until 01 February! Keep tagging away – the word is spreading and if you ever have a spare five minutes I’d thoroughly recommend disappearing down a #coolmumclub instagram rabbit hole for a while… I’ll see you there.


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