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Good Morning Gorgeous! If you are reading this at 6 am on New Years Day you are likely either a) still drunk b) on an unfortunate work shift or c) [the most likely] a v sleepy parent regretting staying up past midnight. Chances are you’re passing by at a later moment so hope you’ve recovered, set your goals, broken them already and decided to polish off the baileys / chocolate / twiglets caddy first.

Okay okay, so it may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind at the crack of dawn on New Years Day, but here I am, punctual as ever with my favourite pictures from the #coolmumclub Instagram community – hosted by myself and the lovely Talya off of Motherhood the Real Deal. A bit of a cameo appearance whilst on a bloggy break. (I’ll be back properly soon). What a month to have to choose just four pictures from…it was hard and at least 12 made my shortlist. The final four however just seemed to fit together with a beautiful aura of light – so here they are. Enjoy and show them some #coolmumclub love.

@macglanville This image is perfect for the end of one year and the start of another. Gazing ahead dreamily, the shutters frame this young lady in the most magical way.

@thismumslife So much to love here – the trees, the lighting, the colour pop, the perspective of the path and the subject heading off…so cute and perfectly freezes that moment in time.

@rockandrosesmama Firstly, I salute your paper hat wearing skills. This shot is a little slice of loveliness amidst the chaos of Christmas. [Paper] hats off (ok now put them back on again!) to whoever caught this moment – am slightly envious as this mama is always behind the camera and these natural candid shots are just priceless. Keep ’em coming.


@thishappennedtometoday What does a blogger do when they see a lovely brick wall? Say CHEESE! Again, the timing and positioning of this shot was just exquisite…with the sunbeams creating that wow factor. Fair enough you didn’t take it yourself – but we don’t like rules at #coolmumclub. Besides, posh bloggers don’t take photos of themself do they?…

My smiley little fella. . I have to admit, I did not take this photo. My husband did and sent it to me from my son, telling me he was being all ‘arty’ like Mummy. Well, good job! . . I write a blog too. Humorous (mostly!) accounts of life, love & parenting. Clickable link in bio – thishappenedtometoday.com . . . . . #myboy #son #littleman #happyboy #happymoments #hesmiles #family #familytime #childhoodunplugged #mumswithcameras #mbloggers #parenting #pbloggers #familyfun #cherisheverymoment #capturingmoments #simplepleasures #curiouslittleexplorers #letthembelittle #celebratechildhood #littlefierceones #pixel_kids #ChasingNature #familymoments #pinklinker #coolmumclub #worldoflittles #puddingposes #countrykidsfun

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Here’s a Christmas cracker from my lovely co-host Talya @motherhoodreal – she’s such a good egg that one!


And finally…one from my own December Instagram feed. It’s tough to choose, but this one from a day out catching up with friends at a wildlife park… The way these two were staring at each other through the glass was something pretty spesh. Thank God for smartphone cameras; just a coat pocket away.

And that’s that for another month…thanks so much for keeping this little community going and keep sharing your snaps using the #coolmumclub hashtag – see you soon…


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4 thoughts on “#coolmumclub on Instagram…December roundup

  1. mackenzieglanville Reply

    I am so honoured that you have included one of my pics, and especially this one as it was just such a beautiful moment watching my little girl watch the sunset, lost in her own thought. Happy New Year lovely and I wish you such wonderful things for 2017 xx

  2. Sunita Reply

    Love this round up so much. Ah photos always make me smile have a good one MMT xxx see you soon at the #coolmumclub

  3. rockandrosesmama Reply

    Awwww thank you so much! I loved this shot… my sister took it! And I was the only one brave enough to don a paper hat! Gotta love a paper hat at Christmas! These are all beautiful moments captured… LOVE it

  4. […] to freeze n time some amazing moments of me and my little man (one of which was featured on the #coo... https://rockandrosesmama.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/christmas-in-the-rock-and-roses-household

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