30 hours of free childcare – can it work for you?

It seems like the parents of the UK have been screaming for more support in helping Mums (and Dads) get back to work and lessen the crippling costs of childcare for a long time; something I felt had a huge impact in my decision to not return to work after being made redundant. more “30 hours of free childcare – can it work for you?”

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Earning money as a Mum in 2017

Earning money as a busy Mum can be incredibly hard. There are not many jobs out there that you can juggle with school hours, and it doesn’t matter if you are a one or two parent family, it can still be a struggle getting it all in. more “Earning money as a Mum in 2017”

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5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum

Whether you are a single mum or married with children, one of the hardest things to do is reconcile work with your responsibilities as a parent. It is hard to juggle everything, but Mums have an innate ability to adapt and once they have taken the appropriate steps, they can’t be stopped. Fortunately, thanks to the internet and the great variety of job sites, one can find jobs more easily and many also offer work-at-home or part-time positions that allow parents the freedom to spend more time with the kids. more “5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum”

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#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog

In January 2017 I applied for a part time job. It was in a totally different sector to my previous career, the money was hideous, and I would have needed to pay childcare fees for my two children to accommodate the hours. more “#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog”

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Flexible career options for new Mums

I constantly wonder what career options there are for me going forward. Although currently happy as a Stay At Home Mum (groan, hate that term) I know one day I’ll be going back to work in some shape or form. But what will it be? I know in an ideal world I need that work that works for my family and I. Flexibility is a massive driver for the path I take, and I know many other parents struggle to find that perfect work life balance when their life includes the ties and constraints of a young family. 
more “Flexible career options for new Mums”

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I get that not everyone digs the whole new year resolutions thing. I mean, after all aren’t they statistically doomed for failure? I’m all for a bit of goal setting though – what harm can come from reflecting on where you’ve been, and reset your markers for where you want to go.  more “TWENTYSEVENTEEN”

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Jobs for the Mums…

One of the perks of being made redundant, is the opportunity to broaden your horizons, to explore new career options and to re-evaluate the shape of your future. Having made the transition from career woman to mother, the timing couldn’t have been better to take time out with the kiddos whilst considering an alternative career path.

Having this time to focus on my family is my current priority, but it’s always there in the background – the burning question…what do I want to do next? more “Jobs for the Mums…”

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10 things I miss about being a working Mum

It’s been almost 18 months since I waved goodbye to my work colleagues of 14 years to go on my second maternity leave. In a unexpected twist of fate, I never did make it back to my desk 12 months later as planned – due to the redundancy of my position and major changes to the business.

That’s all old news now of course. Life as a stay at home Mum is better than I imagined it to be. Sure there have been tough days but on the whole I’m adopting the attitude that ‘The days are long but the years are short’. (My new favourite phase courtesy of Robyn, The years are short blog).

There are however a few things I do miss about my old lifestyle as a ‘Part time working mother’…
more “10 things I miss about being a working Mum”

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When Daddy works from home…

By the powers of modern technology, I am blessed with the flexibility of having, one day a week or so, the support of the hubster working from home.

The benefits of this are endless…
more “When Daddy works from home…”

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Maternity leave day 365, SAHM day 1

My P45 has arrived. Its just a piece of paper really. Life isn’t going to change tomorrow from today in any physical sense.

Today, I’ll drag my tired bum out of bed, sort breakfast, do the nursery run, faff around at home for what feels like a nanosecond before hopping back to preschool, do lunch, busy ourselves for the afternoon then knock up dinner. Play a while longer, wait for daddy to come home, make milks, have baths, read stories, put kids to bed.

Tomorrow, I’ll do all of the above, except instead of being on maternity leave, I’ll be unemployed.

more “Maternity leave day 365, SAHM day 1”

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