Essential skills for a career in counselling

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If you’re considering a career in the wellness industry, particularly a career as a counsellor, you will need a particular set of skills and qualities in order to be successful. There’s an increased focus on mental health today, so counsellors are in high demand, but are you cut out for it?

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Finding A Career With More Independence

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Being independent is important in many respects, as it allows the mind to focus better and evolve in more productive ways. Finding a career path that can match up with your desire for independence can often seem difficult, as there appears to be very few employment options that don’t involve working as part of a structured team.

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How to step back from work

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In general terms there are two kinds of people. Those who live to work, and those who work to live.

Some people absolutely love their jobs. They live for it. Others just go to work for the cash so that they can live their life outside of it. Whichever kind of person you are, sometimes it might be necessary for you to take a big step back.

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Let’s Stay Home; Social distancing, self isolating and home schooling

Ironically, I had a post in my drafts folder titled ‘Lets stay home, learning to relax in your own four walls’ which is being re purposed in a timely fashion to talk the unavoidable, the unbelievable… the pandemic of 2020, Coronavirus.

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A guide to giving your career a boost

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If you’re a busy mum who wants it all – a happy family and a successful career so you can provide your family with everything you feel they deserve, then you’re going to want to know how to give your career a boost. Below, this quick guide will give you some advice that will be a huge help to you on your journey.

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Mum guilt and me pt II; working mum

It was always just a matter of time.

18 months on from the post I published on Mum Guilt as a stay at home Mum and seven months deep in the return to work, and this past week the Mum guilt round two ; ‘Working Mum’ hit like a sledgehammer.

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No regrets – returning to work after a career break

This week my two daughters went back to school; posing against the wall in their new shoes and oversized cardigans, light box prepped and ready with the ‘first day at school’ text ready for the inevitable photo moment. And, with one starting reception, one moving up into juniors this feels a milestone year for them, but also for someone else too.

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Rise of the Mum Boss

Every now and again, life has a tendency to make you stop and smell the flowers. The inspiration for this blog post is in the friends all around me who are literally blooming and inspiring me to grab life by the balls and go for it.

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What’s really hardest? Working Mum or Stay At Home Mum?

I realise a title like this is one that evokes strong emotions amongst the lioness mothers for good reasons, so I’m just going to wade right on in and give up my two pence worth up front. They’re both bloody hard. The hardest thing is to realise that, and not get drawn into judgement of the marvellous women on the other camp.

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How to improve communication at home and work

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Communication is key to many good things in life, whether you are thinking about your career or your interpersonal relationships outside of work. If you find that you routinely fail to communicate clearly, there might be many things going on underneath the surface, causing that unfortunate awkwardness to occur.

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