Holiday childcare…the juggle is real


When the girls were little I naively believed that childcare struggles would drift into oblivion as they reached the nirvana state of free childcare; School.

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Saving all my love for you…Returning to work and separation anxiety

It’s four weeks in, and the question I’ve been bombarded with for four and a half years (“Do you think you’ll go back to work?”) has been well and truly replaced with “How is the new job going”?

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The one where MMT went back to work…

For me, there was always going to be that moment. The moment I realised that the set up of blogging during the gaps of being a stay at home Mum wasn’t going to cut it any more. more “The one where MMT went back to work…”

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Guest post: 4 Family-Work balance tips for ambitious mompreneurs

Nowadays, the workforce is overrun by tough, persistent and hard-working mothers determined to provide for their families. It seems as being a working mom is one of the most difficult, if not impossible lifestyles a strong woman might choose for herself and her family. Whether it is dealing with the crippling feeling of succeeding at work, failing at home or wishing you had more time to spend with your children, it is certain that mom entrepreneurs deserve much more appreciation.

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Returning to work: First steps

*contributed collaborative post

There are many reasons you may have had a period out of work. Whatever the underlying cause, when it is time to return you are likely going to have to be mindful of how you make that transition.

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Freeing up more money for the things that matter most

*contributed collaborative post

As many people have observed throughout history, it’s really difficult to imagine ever having “too much money.”

No matter what your particular situation is in life, whether you’re single, or have a family who depends on you, it’s inevitable that you will find yourself feeling – at least sometimes – that it would really be great if you’d have a bit more income, and a few less expenses.

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Returning to work – habits to help make working work for you

*collaborative post

This spring, I am making the daunting step back into the world of being a working Mum. It’s something I’m both excited and terrified about for a whole spectrum of reasons, but the number one worry on mind is how on earth I’m going to stay on top of everything life throws at us as a family of four, with a smaller window of time and having to share my focus between home life and career.

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Returning to work – Who will love my children

During my time as a stay at home Mum, the theoretical idea of returning to work has been a constant conversation in my mind. If I were to go for it, what would I do about the kids? How would they cope? Who would take care of them? How much would it cost? The questions of course were never truly answered because it’s very difficult to conclude anything until you actually get a job. It’s a chicken and egg situation which didn’t really need an answer. Until now.

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Finding employment with no upper skill limit

*contributed collaborative post

Some people find pleasure in a job that offers plenty of money and accolades. Some find pleasure in work that is easy, relaxing and low-tempo. Some, perhaps the people who have come to intelligently realize the benefit in always improving, find pleasure in working hard and developing in the best manner possible, and finding employment that is sure to never prevent them from improving.

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I got the job…

Last autumn, four years after being made redundant, I decided 2019 was going to be the year I looked to return to work. That said, I had anticipated an entire series of blog posts about seeking flexible employment, appealing to my network for any kind of part time role which might fit the bill and scratching my head looking for an organisation or workplace whose ethos fitted mine.

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