@BellaAndFrankUK kids clothing (review)

I have a pretty clear vision in my mind of what I want from a clothing brand for my kids. I want to shop ethically, to steer clear of fast fashion fixes which don’t survive the wear and tear of kid life and the 30 degree cycle.

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#KentParents how is your child’s resilience? #KCC @HeadstartKent survey needs you

As my daughters approach their teenage years, it’s becoming clearer just how important it is to nurture their resilience and wellbeing; to raise young adults with an appreciation for mental health and emotional intelligence. To support their development, each other, and the wider community around them in which they will certainly be touched by mental health issues.

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Lounge, Lounge, Sparkle with @FemmeLuxe

It’s the time of year when I would classically be scouring the net for sparkly frocks, festive bling and party bling to get the festive season started.

But this year, well, it’s 2020.

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Apps and advice to support new parents

*contributed collaborative post

Navigating the world of parenting can be difficult, especially if this is your first baby. Of course, there’s no one fits all solution to great parenting; it’s all about learning what works best for you and your child.

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Pregnancy 101: 12 Things You Should do Before the Baby Arrives

*contributed collaborative post

Pregnancy is an exciting part of life as you look forward to welcoming a new family member. It can also be overwhelming to prepare for their arrival with all the nerves, anxiety, body changes, and discomforts.

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Getting Started with Upcycling

There are many advantages to upcycling old furniture. It is a great way to give new life to tired, old pieces, saving you money while filling your home with unique and eye-catching furniture, and adding personality to your home.

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4 Self Employment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

*contributed collaborative post

People often dream about working for themselves. Every year, many people decide to take the plunge into self-employment to give them the freedom to work around their family. 

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Guest post – Eat out, help out, chill out!

Just fast-forward a few months and well… things are a little different. We’ve all been missing our meals out (Nandos especially), and looking in restaurant windows at empty tables longing for custom. It’s sometimes hard to imagine how life once was.

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We talked a good game…

Four months. Four months we have told tall tales of loving the slower pace of life, promised we would take nothing for granted and that we would be full of gratitude for every simple blessing post covid-19.

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Covid Holidays – Should I stay or should I go…?

At the start of 2020 we like many others laid out grand plans for our family travels.

Well, they probably aren’t the grandest of plans in the grand scheme of things, but they were grand plans for us.

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