Getting summer ready for the new norm

*contributed collaborative post

Summer 2020 might be bringing us a new norm but there are lots of little ideas we can incorporate to make sure both ourselves and our homes are summer ready. An Post Insurance have put together a list of 8 different things you can do to prepare for the summer ahead.

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Bite Away; Banishing the bother of bites in the British Summertime

*collaborative content

When I think of all that’s wonderful about the Summer here in the U.K., I visualise picnics and barbecues, cold drinks in pub gardens with friends and twilight evenings in the garden.

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Fathers Day 2020 with @Trendhim

*collaborative post

As I post this, it’s just seven days until Father’s Day here in the UK. It’s a calendar entry which always creep up on me, and often ends up with a last minute day off Friday dash to the garden centre or Supermarket to pick up some cards and gifts for the Dads, Grandads and stepdads in our life.

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Postpartum hair loss in new Mothers

*contributed collaborative post

After pregnancy, a new Mum may experience some form of hair loss. This hair loss may be extreme (in clumps) or may just be slightly thinning in some areas. Postpartum hair loss is a side effect that some new mothers face after giving birth to their new baby. Mothers can lose their hair for up to a year post delivery. With everything a new Mum is trying to adjust to, this is not something you want to have to worry about. 

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Attention Attention: Why I’m digging Rap in support of @EllenorCharity X @GTownTalents

You could ask what business a Mum Blogger has banging on about Rap music, and you would legit be spot on. I can’t pretend to be too down with the kids about this genre, in fact my limited knowledge stops at Tu-Pac and Notorious B.I.G.

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Coronavirus Care: Wellness Tips to Try During Social Distancing

Guest post

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has only been prevalent for a few short months, the virus has severely impacted all parts of our life. Between the lives it has taken, to the influence it’s had on the way we work, interact, and socialize, everything has completely changed. As a result, most of us have no choice but to stay home for the time being and adjust to our new reality. 

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Staying #PainFree in the pandemic with remote Osteopathy Physiotherapy and counselling #RevitalizeClinic @ElliottJohnReid

In the past twelve months I have prioritised my physical and mental health in a way that I should have been doing for a very long time. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy, quitting booze, and increasing my exercise routine so that running has become a regular feature, not just an occasional fad. Those changes definitely helped me get on the road to better mental health too, alongside the therapy I accessed through Mind in 2019.

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School girl crush

The inspiration for this post came in the shape of the week it took me to get over Harry Styles performance at The Brit awards 2020. You see, despite knocking on 40, every now and then I have a tendency to get all unnecessary about a public figure that makes me feel like a seventeen year old who plasters their walls with posters of the latest dream boat. My teenage walls were floor to ceiling with Dec off of Ant and Dec, who back then could be found sporting some floppy curtains and baggy trousers.

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#WorldBookDay 2020; The Penguin Party by @annabeesbooks

It’s World Book Day today, as if you didn’t know.

Even those of you without children won’t be able to escape the social media shares of kids dressed as Where’s Wally, The Worst Witch, Harry Potter or The Gruffalo (What’s a gruffalo?).

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#AMothersIf @amothersif

Mum life.

It bonds us, divides us, all too often defines us and sometimes tries to break us.

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