Staying #PainFree in the pandemic with remote Osteopathy Physiotherapy and counselling #RevitalizeClinic @ElliottJohnReid

In the past twelve months I have prioritised my physical and mental health in a way that I should have been doing for a very long time. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy, quitting booze, and increasing my exercise routine so that running has become a regular feature, not just an occasional fad. Those changes definitely helped me get on the road to better mental health too, alongside the therapy I accessed through Mind in 2019.

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School girl crush

The inspiration for this post came in the shape of the week it took me to get over Harry Styles performance at The Brit awards 2020. You see, despite knocking on 40, every now and then I have a tendency to get all unnecessary about a public figure that makes me feel like a seventeen year old who plasters their walls with posters of the latest dream boat. My teenage walls were floor to ceiling with Dec off of Ant and Dec, who back then could be found sporting some floppy curtains and baggy trousers.

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#WorldBookDay 2020; The Penguin Party by @annabeesbooks

It’s World Book Day today, as if you didn’t know.

Even those of you without children won’t be able to escape the social media shares of kids dressed as Where’s Wally, The Worst Witch, Harry Potter or The Gruffalo (What’s a gruffalo?).

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#AMothersIf @amothersif

Mum life.

It bonds us, divides us, all too often defines us and sometimes tries to break us.

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WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand

As a blogger, you never know what’s going to come into your inbox. Life goals can be within an inch of your reach and then they crumble before your eyes. more “WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand”

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Dream itinerary for a family villa holiday in Florida

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In April 2019 we embarked on the holiday of a lifetime; a family vacation to America. Not just your regular Florida trip, we flew into Atlanta Georgia, spent some time in the real, rustic United States visiting relatives, then road tripped down to Florida and back up again via Daytona Beach and Savannah.

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#HideTheBags Rebranding second hand fashion

If I think back to seventeen year old me, she would rather be seen dead than in a charity shop.

Come to think of it, probably twenty five year old me wouldn’t be too different. And even, if I’m brutally honest, thirty five year old me too.

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All by myself – learning to love your own company

Stop for a moment. Imagine an hour, maybe two, or even five to be alone. How does that you make you feel? Overjoyed? Overwhelmed? Panicked or with a chronic case of option paralysis?

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December screwed with our five year old’s sleep – How we got things back on track

Our girls are now five and seven, and I think that’s a perfectly adequate stage of parenthood to hope that the long bleak nights of pre nightfall fear and requirement to grab any sleep you can from eight pm to be LONG behind us.

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Bucket List Dreams ; The Northern Lights

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Now we are in 2020 I can officially say that next year I will turn 40. It’s certainly a milestone age for a reason and it seems the perfect time to not only look at how far you’ve come, but also to think about where you are going. Or, more specifically, where you would love to go.

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