Paris; A love affair

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When I recently heard the news about the Notre Dame fire in Paris, I felt as though a little piece of my history had been destroyed. I’m sure anyone who has a link to the stunning architecture of Paris, or shared happy memories there can relate. For me? It’s the place that Dad Muddling Through got down on one knee (blink and you’d have missed it), retrieved a ring (box and all) from his sock and asked me to be his wife.

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Muddling in America

Last summer as we collapsed in a heap after a long journey home from Greece, slightly (alot) hungover with two tired kids, we discussed the benefits of holidaying on the homeland in 2019, and declared we were kinda glad to not have to face a flight with kids for a few years. more “Muddling in America”

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European Travel Tips with Insidr

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Today I am teaming up with the guys from Insidr. They have all sorts of cool tips for travelling around Europe, and seriously, you should check them out while planning your next European travel destination. I made a small selection of my favourite articles, but you should definitely take a look at their guides if you’re planning a holiday in Europe . While they’re based in Paris and have written a lot about the city, they also give a lot of tips about travelling other european destinations like Madrid, Amsterdam, Nice and London. more “European Travel Tips with Insidr”

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