We have come a long way in two weeks, and as we all get to grips with our lives slowing down we have realised the opening up of more time to do… well… err…

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2020 A time to feel proud

Admittedly, I’ve had moments when I have wished we could just skip past 2020; return it back to the shop or turn it off and turn it on again.

But once the initial grumbles and horror over the behavior of the panic buyers subsided, a certain acceptance and sense of stoic duty washed over (most of) us. It seems as though the tide has truly turned on the perception of this unprecedented set of circumstances.

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Things I can’t live without … 2020 edition

If I’d asked you what you could not live without two months ago, it might have had a very different response than the one you’d get today.

Because the crazy reality is that in 2020, we are finding out exactly what it is like to go without. For the most part, it’s first world problems (a night off from the kids?…), but it’s the first time for many of us we have had to consider alternatives to what we have come to expect to be available to us.

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How childhood has changed since we were kids

*collaborative post

As a parent, do you ever watch your children playing with their toys, interacting with their friends, watching their favourite shows, and think back to your own childhood? If you do, chances are you’ll have noticed a few key differences from the typical childhood of today compared to back in your day

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Coming together when we’re far apart #Coronavirus 2020

If I think back to last week, or the week before, it’s hard to quite get my head around how much has changed in such a short space of time thanks to a tiny micororganism called Coronavirus.

Back at the end of February, when we celebrated Tigs’ birthday, or even just a few weeks back when one of my girl mates and I grabbed a Friday night curry, Coronavirus was something going on there, not here. It barely got a mention, despite the warnings of what could come, it just didn’t really seem possible.

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School girl crush

The inspiration for this post came in the shape of the week it took me to get over Harry Styles performance at The Brit awards 2020. You see, despite knocking on 40, every now and then I have a tendency to get all unnecessary about a public figure that makes me feel like a seventeen year old who plasters their walls with posters of the latest dream boat. My teenage walls were floor to ceiling with Dec off of Ant and Dec, who back then could be found sporting some floppy curtains and baggy trousers.

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Another new year post…

I already published my first new year pledge post, but it’s still the first week of January so I’m not stopping there.

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Mum Muddling Through…the Christmas Food Shop

On the twelth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a Tesco big shop home delivery.

Well, he might of if he remembered to book that slot when they were released three weeks in advance.

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Mum Muddling Through Christmas traditions

Ah, Christmas traditions. In this day and age it feels there is more pressure than ever to have amazing traditions coming out of your ears, probably a contributing factor to why Christmas overwhelm is a thing for modern parents. Christmas Eve boxes, outdoor lights which are visible from the moon, Elf on the fricking shelf and the list goes on.

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Age brackets

I’ve never been one to worry too much about age. After all it’s just a number, right?

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