When September comes…

September is always a strange month when it comes to blogging. Typically, this is a period of time when I struggle to reaquaint myself with the practice of writing and reflecting after taking the summer off.

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We talked a good game…

Four months. Four months we have told tall tales of loving the slower pace of life, promised we would take nothing for granted and that we would be full of gratitude for every simple blessing post covid-19.

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100 days of lockdown…what I’m REALLY missing

Can you remember when it was inferred we may need to do three weeks in lockdown, and how alien that seemed. How impossible and frightening? Yet here we are, just passed 100 days in a socially distanced, non contact, mask wearing, brave new world.

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Getting summer ready for the new norm

This Blog has been written and provided by An Post Insurance – #ad.

Summer 2020 might be bringing us a new norm but there are lots of little ideas we can incorporate to make sure both ourselves and our homes are summer ready. An Post Insurance have put together a list of 8 different things you can do to prepare for the summer ahead.

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How is Summer 2020 going to look?

As the midsummer solstice draws near, and the summer wardrobe makes a more regular appearance, I can’t help but wonder what Summer this year will bring.

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Training your dog yourself: Practical Tips

Much like any new addition to the family, adopting a new puppy is a major lifestyle decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As with any living being, there are clear responsibilities. Between providing attention, playtime, food and water, caring for any new companion is a meaningful commitment. Even financial concerns must be weighed: estimates in the UK suggest that the cost of dog ownership averages around £1770 a year.[1]

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I want to ride my lockdown bicycle

I have no doubt that one day we will look back to this time and one of our lasting memories as a family will be experiencing it on wheels.

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Spring 2020; How we will remember our lock down life

From March 23rd 2020 the UK, like many of the countries the world over, has been in an imposed quarantine. Covid-19 changed all of our lives beyond comprehension, and now, over two months later, the memories from the start of that time are starting to fade.

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Working from home-school

I went back to work 12 months ago in a bid to change the scenery after five years as a stay at home Mum.

Needless to say in that time, working from home was an occasional benefit to juggle the work life balance of being a working Mum; when the kids were sick, to make it to open evening or because, erm, well, that’s about it really.

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Your lockdown, your way

I was thinking about writing a post today about all the positives in the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, and then I had a moment of contemplation about how that might go down. After all, people are dying, people are alone, they are separated from loved ones and they are facing major financial crisis. Those things may not be happenning to me, but they are happenning.

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