Frozen Fever hits @Smiggle_ (#AD)

Frozen 2. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, this winter, it’s set to take us on a new adventure with all of the gang from Arendelle.

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Unicorn themed gifts that they’ll love

*contributed collaborative post

Unicorns. They’re everywhere right? Colourful, magical, cute, funny and oh so sweet – unicorns are the ultimate accessory and like I said, you can find them just about anywhere! Even us adults cannot escape the enchanted pull of these magical creatures, we can treat ourselves to Unicorn shaped foods, apply our makeup with unicorn makeup brushes and even enjoy a Saturday night with a glass of unicorn tears gin! If that’s your thing…

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The @SmythsToysUK top ten toys for Christmas + £50 #Giveaway (#Ad) #SmythsToysTopTen


I know we haven’t had Halloween yet blah blah blah, but who can’t deny they have made a few teeny tiny plans for Christmas already… ME!

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Sharing 24 smiles; advent, @Smiggle_ style (#Ad)

Advent as we knew it back in the day was all about the excitement of opening a perforated piece of card and seeing what lay beyond the paper window. A star? A robin? A snowman perhaps? Or wait for it, when it got really exciting, a stable containing a postpartum Mary smiling at her recently birthed son of god.

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Handbag heroes #MyLittleSudocrem (Ad) plus #giveaway

*sponsored content

Back in the throes of new motherhood, I remember one cupboard being full of tubs of sudocrem that had been gifted to me by well wishers and friends who had walked the path of motherhood before me.

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#BackToSchoolWithSmiggle @smiggle_ #ad

It’s the final countdown. The bank holiday weekend marks the end of a summer holiday to remember, and all of a sudden the reality of all the back to school stuff you seemed to have AGES to do suddenly feels a little bit, well, a massive panic.

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Refilling on the go with #Kambukka drinking bottles

*gifted item review

A few years ago I naively believed that my obsession with kids water beakers would be a phase that we left behind with nappies, dummies and sleepless nights; after all, kids beyond a certain age drink out of beakers, right?

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Making lists, documenting gratitude and getting stuff done

If I’m honest, I have a thing for stationary. Or maybe just a penchant for writing things down.

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DON’T PANIC Why we love @panicroomkent

*collaborative post

I have to admit, the first time I entered a Panic room I was filled with trepidation and nerves. What the hell was this all about and was I mad to pay to be locked in a room and work out how to get out? But then again, being locked away from whingeing kids, housework, laundry, general life chores does have a certain appeal, no?

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Random Acts of Kindness with #ToyStory4 @shopDisney #TheLostToyHunt #Ad

*Items gited from @shopDisney. All opinions are my own

Some time ago I drew a line under toy reviews and made a pact that we couldn’t possibly take on any more new stuff for the kids. But there are toy reviews, and then there is the email you get…from @shopDisney.

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