The fun bits of renovating: Choosing flooring for our loft conversion

So yesterday, after months of clearing out the excessive amounts of ‘stored stuff’ in the loft, the builders have moved in. There’s no going back now, and after months of taking a vague interest in plans on pieces of paper and conversations about structure and permissions, I can finally get a bit excited about the parts of a big building project that I love.  more “The fun bits of renovating: Choosing flooring for our loft conversion”

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A big home project for 2018: The loft extension

At the time I begun my blog, the dust was settling on some big changes in our life; our second daughter, my redundancy and a big home renovation project. more “A big home project for 2018: The loft extension”

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RENOVATION – The fine print

When it comes to planning a home renovation it’s so easy to get caught up in budgeting, time frames and selecting designs, that it’s easy to overlook some important but less exciting details. more “RENOVATION – The fine print”

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Our kitchen renovation two years on; lessons learnt

Every good project manager knows that the final part of any project close out is to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what we could have done better. Home improvement projects are no exception, and now the initial shine of our new kitchen is well and truly coated in spag bol, I wanted to share the good, the bad and the ugly so that maybe you can learn from our mistakes, and the winning decisions. Two years have flown by, and we have weathered all seasons with our new home design, so here is how it has stood up to the test. more “Our kitchen renovation two years on; lessons learnt”

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Our Big Build: Let there be light

When planning a renovation, considering the lighting is something not to be overlooked, or, ahem, be in the dark about.

The day an electrician turned up (unexpectedly) to ask where each wire needed to be on our framework for sockets and lighting, I was relieved we had somewhat discussed what we thought we’d like, but also slightly panicked that I might get it all wrong. No going back, right?

So, here’s some top tips to share with you…
more “Our Big Build: Let there be light”

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Hide the bags #3; Calm kitchen

As you already know (OUR BIG BUILD) we spent the early summer building our dream kitchen…so it would be rude not to fill it with some gorgeousness, in the form of an a selection of accent coloured accessories.

more “Hide the bags #3; Calm kitchen”

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Our Big Build; the Finale.

As you know from Part 1; getting the plans in place and Part 2; Picking Packing and Panicking, we were all set to go.
more “Our Big Build; the Finale.”

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Our big build part 2; Packing, Picking and Panicking

As you know from Part 1, we’d been procrastinating on our build for some time, but January 2015 was the time we decided enough was enough on our lean-to of a kitchen, cold enough to freeze your toes in the winter months, or hot enough to cook your eggs in the Summer.
more “Our big build part 2; Packing, Picking and Panicking”

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Our big build, Part 1: Getting the plans in place

We moved into our house in 2011, when I was 24 weeks pregnant with our first child. It wasn’t the house we’d meant to be buying, as we lost our ‘love at first sight’ home after a few months of waiting for the owners to find their dream place. Stuck in  a sticky situation of our buyer threatening to pull out, and knowing we wouldn’t have time pre-baby to start over, we found a compromise house.
more “Our big build, Part 1: Getting the plans in place”

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