#Beingamother project issue 29: What motherhood means to…Mum Muddling Through

Just in case you missed it…Here is my edition of #Beingamother project. It’s a fantastic guest post series featuring some amazing bloggers (Somehow, I snuck in there too), by my fab #coolmumclub co-host Talya from Motherhood the real deal. You can see my post on its debut platform here
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8 Photos of Happiness Tag

I was tagged by Laura over at ‘Laura’s Lovely Blog’ to do the 8 photos of happiness tag.

It was a struggle to find some ‘no face’ pictures of the G-unit, but here’s a little insight into the Mum behind Mum Muddling Through…
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Throwback Thursday – A box of memories

Ok instead of rummaging around for momentous old photos of me which don’t have my face in (Hmmm getting trickier this being a no faced blogger lol), I’ve taken a different spin on the theme. Hope I dont get booted out by Sarah & Helen!

In the spirit of things and supporting 2 fab bloggers and their new linky, here is my throwback Thursday picture:
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Our big build, Part 1: Getting the plans in place

We moved into our house in 2011, when I was 24 weeks pregnant with our first child. It wasn’t the house we’d meant to be buying, as we lost our ‘love at first sight’ home after a few months of waiting for the owners to find their dream place. Stuck in  a sticky situation of our buyer threatening to pull out, and knowing we wouldn’t have time pre-baby to start over, we found a compromise house.
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‘I am the mum who’…..blog inspired by Laura Summer, Blogging 101 homework!

So today’s blogging 101 homework challenged me to write a blog inspired by another blogger, which I commented on yesterday. I read many, but this one stuck in my mind, from www.laurasummer.co.uk, Laura’s lovely blog. It’s a fun meme on what kind of mum she is which she was nominated for by another blogger. I’ve seen a few of these ‘chain letter’ style blogs now and they are a great way to get your blog out there, and get introduced to new great writers.

Laura’s blog got me thinking. What kind of mum am I?
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The Liebster Awards

I don’t know how I have the energy to think about doing this, but a challenge is a challenge! Excuse the spelling, it’s 9.30 and I’ve had a glass of wine 😉
I was nominated by thelazyhousewife who I ‘met’ on the blogging circuit today. I know little about here but I checked out her blog, it’s cool. She also was an amaze balls mentor of how to link via Twitter which i hope to use going forward. 

This award is apparently, for new bloggers to nominate other new bloggers and to get them to introduce each other, and get their blogs out there. I’ll probably hunt down some parenting bloggers from my blogging101 course if I can?
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More about the muddle #Blogging101 homework

In an attempt to master this thing, I’ve signed up for a mini course in blogging aka Blogging101. So homework is to tell you a little about me.

Allow me to introduce myself, Mrs G. Mum of Baby-G age 8 months and Toddle-G age 3.5. Wife and social PA of Mr G for 10 years and counting.

I’m a professional going through redundancy whilst on maternity leave; A party animal in retirement; An exhausted domestic goddess wannabe; A modern day bohemian tree hugger. (Those who know me know I’m partial to a person hug too).
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