#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Island living 365

Regular linkers at the #coolmumclub will know Emma, aka Island Living 365. Her site is beautiful, her posts are moving, funny, clever… It’s no wonder she WON the Brilliance in Blogging award in the Fresh Voice Category. I am gutted to say the one person I kept saying I still needed to grab to say hi to ALL day was Emma…and at the end, I didn’t want to seem I was mobbing her in a groupie-just-won-an-award style so I sloped off quietly. I did however give her a ridiculously loud #coolmumclub cheer from my table, alongside Talya obvs, on behalf of the #coolmumclub.

So without further ado…here she is, fresh voice blog of the moment!  

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Something Crunchy Mummy

It’s been three weeks since the last #coolmumclub meet the members and I’m thrilled to introduce Kirsty aka Something Crunchy Mummy. Host of one of my favourite linkies, Just another linky. 

Kirsty’s life parallels mine in lots of ways…stay at home mum, eldest about to start school, thinking about the big return to work later this year. Will we, won’t we? It’s definitely all about to change for us one way or another! 

Thank you Kirsty for sharing a little about yourself for the series – looking forward to meeting you at BML! 

x MMT 

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Morgan Prince

This weeks #coolmumclub Meet the members is the last one for three weeks while I go on a little break for half term, and our family holiday. So I’ll leave you with Morgan Prince, off of Morgans Milieu, If there was a word that described Morgans blog it would be lovely. She comes across as gentle and kind, and we share a dislike for Jeremy Kyle! There has to be better things to do than watch that stuff, right?!

Enjoy. and if you would like to be featured in the Meet the members series when I return from my break, please drop me a line at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com.

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Domesticated Momster

This weeks #coolmumclub Meet the Members guest really needs no introduction. She’s pretty legendary on the circuit, and is one of the most savvy bloggers I’ve come across to date. Not only does she regularly link up to #coolmumclub on a Thursday whilst running her own Linky, singlehandedly, but she is also a fitness fanatic, and a cracking writer to boot. She takes no prisoners, says it how it is, and will leave you a little bit grateful you took time to read her stuff.

Trista is also the first ever blogger to send me her entire guest post, pictures, badges, text code and all in HTML making my life a hellufaload easier. She’s one slick blogger babe…


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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…So this is me, Mrs T

Morning! I’m thrilled to introduce another new gorgeous member of the #coolmumclub community – Katie aka ‘So This is me Mrs T’. She’s a down to earth Mum blogging her way through the madness like so many of us… A PND survivor, she is sure to have many tales to tell along the way. Give her a warm welcome and be sure to go track her down on twitter too…


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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Absolutely Prabulous

If you haven’t heard of Absolutely Prabulous, then quite frankly, you must be living in a cave. Especially this last few weeks. She’s a die hard linker at the #coolmumclub, and I’m incredibly proud to call the MAD and BiB double bubble finalist one of our own. 

Prabs has the ability to make you laugh, cry, nod along, and every now and then whip up a shit storm. THAT is why she is so damn successful. Regularly found on Twitter hanging out with the cool kids, she is one to watch out for in the blogging hall of fame.

We are all rooting for you Prabs! Bring home the double! VOTE PRABS HERE and HERE


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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Something About Baby

It’s Friday, and that means a new episode of #coolmumclub, meet the members…the only guest series guaranteeing a number one linked post spot on the #coolmumclub Linky. Today we give a massive *High Five* to Abi, the Mum behind ‘Something about Baby‘ blog. She’s the #coolmumclub resident member of TOWIE (okay, maybe not!) so I’m waving across the Thames to you Abi from neighbouring Kent!

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Babylists

I have lists of blogposts I  intend to write. I have lists of things I need to do this week, this month, today. I have lists of stuff I have run out of. I have lists of lists. Needless to say, when facing parenthood for the first time, I listed my way through it, and I am not alone. Meet Robina and Kirsten, two Mums who love a list even more than me – they dedicated a whole blog to it, and a rather fabulous blog it is too! 



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#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Life, love and dirty dishes

I’m a little bit honored to have such a prestigious blogger on #MeetTheMembers today. Meet Claire from Life, love and dirty dishes. She’s a proper funny writer, so much so that she’s chief of all things funny for Britmums no less. Now that is some serious blog achievement! She also runs a funny-post-linky ‘Friday frolics’, which I totally need to join in with. What makes someone like Claire so spesh, is that she is entirely humble of her own status, which shone through in this guest post. She’s basically wonderful.


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#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Sugar and Spice and all things Spliced

Nicola has been a regular at the #coolmumclub linky since the beginning. I’ve really enjoyed her posts so far (my fave being ‘Let them be little‘ (#TeamTiny), although ‘Low Papp A‘ was one that really stayed with me too… I couldn’t have been more chuffed when she offered to contribute to this guest series, so I could find out a bit more about her bloggy background. I can certainly relate to how you describe loving writing Nicola…my old boss told me he had never read such a long Annual appraisal self assessment in his whole career 😉 Guess some of us were born to blog…

You can follow Nicolas blog ‘The chronicals of the new Lighty family’ here…or on Twitter (@MrsLighty) here.


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