#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Just Saying Mum

Do you ever imagine your future? When the tots have grown into beautiful young adults, your best friends, the ones you confide in, holiday with and giggle with. Me too. I basically want to be Helen, Just Saying Mum in the future. Her stunning brood are going places and she is on a path to success of her very own. Her blog has evolved into something pretty spesh since I first found it, and I’m happy to think of her as one of my blogging pals. I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long to feature her in this series, #JustSaying. 

Thanks so much for taking part Helen, lovely to find out a little more about you! (I love an exclamation mark too).

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Muma on the edge

I was over the moon when Lyndsey agreed to write me an intro to her blog for this series. Truth be told, I’d been hoping she’d write one for quite a while as I think she is one of the coolest Mum bloggers I’ve come across yet. There’s something about the way Muma on the edge is written that gives it a certain charm – if this Muma is on the edge, then I’m right there with her, holding her hand and ready to jump in a Thelma and Louise kinda fashion. If you haven’t come across this blog before, then please jump right in – I promise you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever…


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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Mumbelievable

And so, it seems we are not ready to say goodbye to this series just yet – keep them coming guys!

Thanks so much to Ursula aka Mumbelievable for submitting her intro this week. I was lucky enough to meet Ursula at BML16 and we hit it off, and stayed in touch blogger-stylee. When I read her back story, her vision and her blog-goals I was totally inspired. This is a blog with a mission to make the lives of women better. It’s pretty incredible where she’s going with her goals, she is quite franky, Mumbelievable (Yes, you are Ursula ;-)).


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#coolmumclub: Meet the members… Mum Muddling Through

Hey guys…yep, it’s me!

As the entries for this series have dried up a little (a lot) I don’t know if this is the end of #coolmumclub Meet the Members (*sob*). Just in case we have a latecomer to the party, you can consider the door always open if any of you lovely lot fancy sending me your guest posts submission. more “#coolmumclub: Meet the members… Mum Muddling Through”

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Rock and roses mama

#coolmumclub Meet the members series isn’t only for the old timers. This week I’m having a bit of a blogger crush on Rock and Roses Mama, and when you read her entry you’ll know why. This is one Mum you’ll feel inspired by – and want to grab hold of your inner cool with both hands. She totally rocks…

Meet Rebecca, aka Rock and Roses Mama…and make sure you check out her pages: Blog, Instagram and twitter.


ps Need more entries! Come on… What’s stopping you?  more “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Rock and roses mama”

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Lucky Things

It’s always nice to get to know other bloggers, and I’m lucky enough to have met Sunita aka Lucky Things in actual real life too; before we connected online (that’s a blogging first). If there was ever a worthy candidate for being in the cool mum club, it’s Sunita. She’s a total babe, has a keen eye for fashion, can add the words DJ to her CV as well of course, totally rocking motherhood. 

So here she is – enjoy…

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Anyway to stay at home

Welcome back for the Autumn-Winter collection of #coolmumclub: Meet the members! Hope you all had an epic summer, filled with ice cream, paddling pools, sandy toes and PJ days. 

We are kick starting the series comeback with Briony, aka Anyway to stay at home. Without further ado, I’ll hand you over to her. Thanks for being a superstar submission Briony! Be sure to give her a follow @anywaytostay, and join the rest of the thousands of us avidly following her finding that magical way to stay at home…

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Madhouse Mum

So I have good news and bad news…the good news is we have another fabulous blogger to feature this week: Alison aka Madhouse Mum. A relative newbie to the #coolmumclub but a stellar contributor none the less, she even won best post just a couple of weeks back with her piece on The voice of experience. She’s got a wise head on those shoulders…obviously not been knocked off on any of those Taekwon-do fights yet…

The bad news guys is the guest series is being paused for the summer hols. Along with the linky…the two go hand in hand and we can’t have one without the other. Please drop me a line if you’d like to be featured for the grand return in September…I’m always looking for subjects 😉

Anyway, back to Alison. You are going to LOVE this one…

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#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Sarah and Louise

I have sooo much in common with Sarah and Louise. Firstly I’m a Sarah. Secondly, I’m a Kent girl. Thirdly I’m a massive fan of silly… It must be so nice to share your blog with your BFF. It sounds like they have a right giggle along the way…good luck girls! We love your blog!

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#coolmumclub: meet the Members…Mess and Merlot

Charlie…the one with the best blog name ever. This guest post is a sneak peek into the mind that is Mess and Merlot. In there you’ll find cake, and Sean Maguire. What more can I say…other than I once saw Sean Maguire perform at a Radio One roadshow Charlie. But let’s save that conversation for another day 🙂



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