A shoe for all seasons – @RydaleClothing leather leopard print Chelsea boot

I’m not sure how many shoes is too many shoes, but I’d take a guess that the number squirreled away in every corner of every cupboard, wardrobe and storage space is probably a good sign I’m at max capacity.

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Afterlife; Strolling out of lockdown like…

Make no mistake, we as a family are still on full lockdown alert. Give or take a couple of garden grandparent visits, the social situ is still at ground zero. Which is totally fine, after all, the most important thing right now is to keep safe.

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#HideTheBags The lockdown look @femmeluxefinery (AD)


Five weeks ago, (or was it six?), I promised myself that I would get up at my usual time each day, make a moderate effort to look and therefore feel ready for the day, despite the strange circumstances being imposed.

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Not Going Out with @FemmeLuxe Finery (AD)

“Mummy, are you going out tonight?” my five year old grumbled as she spied me donning some new clothes, hoops and checking myself out in front of the mirror.

“No sweetie, not tonight”. (I’m actually just putting these clothes on to take photos to share on the internet, then I’ll pop back in to my joggers). Little does she realise the innocence of her question and the weirdness of our current situation of social distancing.

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#HideTheBags Rebranding second hand fashion

If I think back to seventeen year old me, she would rather be seen dead than in a charity shop.

Come to think of it, probably twenty five year old me wouldn’t be too different. And even, if I’m brutally honest, thirty five year old me too.

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Winter threads for working Mums

*collaborative post

It’s official, the heating is on, the socks have become a daily staple again and I’ve been obsessing over coats online. It can mean only one thing…Autumn is clinging on to the last of the sunshine and frozen school runs and scraping the car is not far away.

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4 Tips For Choosing a Designer Bag to Give as a Christmas Gift

*Contributed collaborative post

If you have someone in your life who is crazy about designer fashion, whether it’s your wife or girlfriend or even your son or daughter, then a designer bag from one of the most coveted high-end brands could be a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift they will love. more “4 Tips For Choosing a Designer Bag to Give as a Christmas Gift”

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HideTheBags; The work wardrobe

It’s fair to say that in the last five years there hasn’t been more of an excuse to invest in a ‘few’ capsule wardrobe pieces, than the big return to work.

I was somewhat under the impression that my brimming wardrobe(s) would be best kept in tact, just in case I ever did go back to work, but in reality, when it actually happened I realise how dated the contents had become. Not only were some items covered in dust and smelling musty, but I even spotted a few pieces that date back to my sixth form days (!).

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Finding style confidence and having fun with fashion again

I think one of the most beautiful things about growing older is finding a serene self confidence and lack of fear of judgement about menial things. Don’t like my hair? My tattoo? My bright clothes? It’s a pretty nice place to get to, when you realise you have let go of caring about anyone else’s opinion about your fashion choices. To laugh along with them and know you feel fabulous, sod the rest! more “Finding style confidence and having fun with fashion again”

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#HideTheBags Under the Tree for Dad Muddling Through with @Jacamo

Do you buy your other half Christmas gifts? Understandably, many couples choose to forego Christmas presents for each other in a bid to focus the finances on all the other expenses at Christmas, but ever the big kids at heart, there has always been a small selection of gifts under the tree for Mum and Dad Muddling Through, to and from each other. more “#HideTheBags Under the Tree for Dad Muddling Through with @Jacamo”

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