Can you beat anxiety without medication?

Since I gave up drinking in 2018, there has been no escaping the fact that I have anxiety. I believe it was there long before getting sober, but without the self medicating effects of alcohol (which all too often ended with disasterous consequences) it was too hard to ignore and I sought help from my GP in October 2018. She diagnosed me with depression and anxiety and reccommended a combined approach of medication and therapy to help get me back on my feet, out of a rut and in her words ‘enjoying this precious time with my young family’.

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Exhausted at work, exhausted at home

*contributed collaborative post

Juggling motherhood and work can be a challenge, and not just because you’re separated from your offspring for the entire day. There’s also the issue of exhaustion, and even if you expect it to ease off after a while, it can persist, which can lead to problems.

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Still sober, still smiling, still Sarah

It’s been a while since I posted a little sobriety update so given that we are deep into #DryJanuary, I’d throw out some nuggets of support to anyone limping through the next ten days or so about what life is like since I put down my wine glass and decided to knock drinking on the head for good.

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Self sustainable happiness

Twenty Nineteen taught me a whole lot of things, but the number one life lesson I taught from the year behind us was that the only person accountable for your own happiness is you.

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2020; Loving the skin I’m in

You could be mistaken in thinking this is a post about self care, positive mindset and the greatest love of all… learning to love yourself (God bless ya Whit). But alas, this time, the blog post title is a little less deep. Because in 2020 I’ve committed to take a little more care of one of the bodily organs I’ve neglected for far too long, and it’s the one literally holding me all together.

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How Mums Can Maintain Their Health This Winter

*contributed collaborative post

When you’re a busy Mum it can be difficult taking care of yourself, especially during winter. You spend a lot of time trying to ensure the kids are healthy, happy and wrapped up warm, but if you don’t focus on yourself too your health could pay the price.

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The challenges of a chronic health condition

*Contributed collaborative content

There are many kinds of chronic health condition that one might have, and any of them are going to cause a considerable amount of distress and upset in a person’s life.

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Big dreams for my little girls #FriendsInternational #DreamsbyMoms @Friends_Intl

As a Mum to two feisty, fun little girls, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day chaos of packing bags for the morning, washing the school uniforms and at this time of year, agonising over what they might like for Christmas.

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Guest post: Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Congrats and welcome to the exciting first phase to motherhood — pregnancy. Now’s the time to celebrate the wonderful journey you have started. However, pregnancy isn’t easy, and you must stay healthy, so your baby is healthy.

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Guest post: Sleep tips for busy parents

*collaborative content

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep a night for adults, but this number might seem like a distant fantasy for parents who have to juggle child care, work, and taking care of the household.

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