Staying #PainFree in the pandemic with remote Osteopathy Physiotherapy and counselling #RevitalizeClinic @ElliottJohnReid

In the past twelve months I have prioritised my physical and mental health in a way that I should have been doing for a very long time. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy, quitting booze, and increasing my exercise routine so that running has become a regular feature, not just an occasional fad. Those changes definitely helped me get on the road to better mental health too, alongside the therapy I accessed through Mind in 2019.

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Coming together when we’re far apart #Coronavirus 2020

If I think back to last week, or the week before, it’s hard to quite get my head around how much has changed in such a short space of time thanks to a tiny micororganism called Coronavirus.

Back at the end of February, when we celebrated Tigs’ birthday, or even just a few weeks back when one of my girl mates and I grabbed a Friday night curry, Coronavirus was something going on there, not here. It barely got a mention, despite the warnings of what could come, it just didn’t really seem possible.

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Let’s Stay Home; Social distancing, self isolating and home schooling

Ironically, I had a post in my drafts folder titled ‘Lets stay home, learning to relax in your own four walls’ which is being re purposed in a timely fashion to talk the unavoidable, the unbelievable… the pandemic of 2020, Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus UK; Should we be worried?

I wasn’t planning on writing a post about Coronavirus, but it increasingly feels like the elephant in the room which there is no avoiding, so as a working Mum, I’m sharing my current fears and thoughts about what is unfolding on a global scale with each passing day.

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All by myself – learning to love your own company

Stop for a moment. Imagine an hour, maybe two, or even five to be alone. How does that you make you feel? Overjoyed? Overwhelmed? Panicked or with a chronic case of option paralysis?

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#TeamMum 2020 ; Women supporting women supporting women @childdotorg

Back in January 2019 I joined #TeamMum. At the time, I had no idea what that meant, what I was getting myself into, or what exactly was expected of me. But, there was something about the invite to that late January charity kick starter; the suggestion of supporting Mums in rural Kenya that told me instinctively to attend the launch shindig and the rest is history.

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Can you beat anxiety without medication?

Since I gave up drinking in 2018, there has been no escaping the fact that I have anxiety. I believe it was there long before getting sober, but without the self medicating effects of alcohol (which all too often ended with disasterous consequences) it was too hard to ignore and I sought help from my GP in October 2018. She diagnosed me with depression and anxiety and reccommended a combined approach of medication and therapy to help get me back on my feet, out of a rut and in her words ‘enjoying this precious time with my young family’.

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Exhausted at work, exhausted at home

*contributed collaborative post

Juggling motherhood and work can be a challenge, and not just because you’re separated from your offspring for the entire day. There’s also the issue of exhaustion, and even if you expect it to ease off after a while, it can persist, which can lead to problems.

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Still sober, still smiling, still Sarah

It’s been a while since I posted a little sobriety update so given that we are deep into #DryJanuary, I’d throw out some nuggets of support to anyone limping through the next ten days or so about what life is like since I put down my wine glass and decided to knock drinking on the head for good.

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Self sustainable happiness

Twenty Nineteen taught me a whole lot of things, but the number one life lesson I taught from the year behind us was that the only person accountable for your own happiness is you.

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