5 things not to say to a non drinker #sober

As I approach fifteen months of kicking the booze, I have to admit, I’ve had a bit of a wobble lately. It just goes to show that ditching ingrained habits is a long road and one to never take for granted. The FOMO can creep up on you when you are least expecting it; hearing a banging tune at 7.30 on a Tuesday morning on your way to work, or feeling like people are avoiding you because of your new found sober status. more “5 things not to say to a non drinker #sober”

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Mum guilt and me pt II; working mum

It was always just a matter of time.

18 months on from the post I published on Mum Guilt as a stay at home Mum and seven months deep in the return to work, and this past week the Mum guilt round two ; ‘Working Mum’ hit like a sledgehammer.

more “Mum guilt and me pt II; working mum”
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Everybody needs a little time away…

This weekend I popped the Mum guilt to one side and carved out a few hours to myself to get to a women’s meet up event in central London run by Sunita, the HR coach behind Lucky Things.

more “Everybody needs a little time away…”

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Anxiety, depression and me – How World Mental Health Day changed my life @mindcharity #WMHD

365 days ago, on October 10th, World Mental Health Day, I published a post I had worked on in collaboration with Funky Pigeon and their #BelieveInHappy collection, in support of Mind the mental health charity.

more “Anxiety, depression and me – How World Mental Health Day changed my life @mindcharity #WMHD”
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Planning a girl’s holiday: Mum edition

*contributed collaborative post

Late nights, cocktails (mocktails?!) and maybe a spa treatment or two, who doesn’t love a girl’s trip?

more “Planning a girl’s holiday: Mum edition”
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Is giving up booze harder for blokes?

I decided to give up alcohol for 100 days after my husband declared he wanted to give up drinking. I too was wallowing in a sea of self loathing and hangxiety and figured this was not the best life I could be living. So why not join him and give something different a try. more “Is giving up booze harder for blokes?”

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Handbag heroes #MyLittleSudocrem (Ad) plus #giveaway

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Back in the throes of new motherhood, I remember one cupboard being full of tubs of sudocrem that had been gifted to me by well wishers and friends who had walked the path of motherhood before me.

more “Handbag heroes #MyLittleSudocrem (Ad) plus #giveaway”
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Conquering Gephyrophobia; my fear of bridges

When does being scared of something become a phobia? Well according to my research (typing ‘phobia’ into google), a phobia is more pronounced than a fear. It is a specific type of anxiety disorder and one that causes the sufferer to organise their life around avoiding the thing that’s causing them anxiety.

more “Conquering Gephyrophobia; my fear of bridges”
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Plant based, Vegetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian or just a more mindful approach to eating meat?

There are many parallels to eating meat and drinking alcohol; both perhaps we know we should do less of, equally unfathomable and yet hugely beneficial to our health and bank balance.

more “Plant based, Vegetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian or just a more mindful approach to eating meat?”
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365 days alcohol free – so what?

Today marks a whole year that I have gone without drinking alcohol.

365 days since my last hangover. 12 months since I last threw up through over indulgence. 52 weeks since I felt the beer fear.

more “365 days alcohol free – so what?”
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