Guest Post: The Cornerstones of Early Development

As parents, our primary role in our little nestlings’ lives is to provide them with a path of unstifled growth. But in addition to showering them with love, nurturing and patience, we need to make sure that they have enough stimulation and challenges to foster that progress. more “Guest Post: The Cornerstones of Early Development”

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My Babywearing experience : International Babywearing week

I think some folk tend to think of ‘babywearing‘ as being associated with a stereotype – perhaps an earth mother, co-sleeper, long term breast feeder, wearer of floaty clothes and tye dye. That kind of grates, because I don’t really agree with popping anyone in a box with a label because of any given parenting style or choice. more “My Babywearing experience : International Babywearing week”

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The changes and constants of our bedtime routine; A Bepanthen #Giveaway £50 John Lewis Voucher

We are on the brink of a new dawn in our household, not one of the breaking dawn type; no we have had our fair share of those. We are almost a nappy free zone, day and night. more “The changes and constants of our bedtime routine; A Bepanthen #Giveaway £50 John Lewis Voucher”

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Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing

Hello, my name is Jennifer Taylor from MomTricks, and I’m here to spread the word about babywearing, which is a wonderful practice that’s been around for thousands of years.

International Babywearing Week is a week-long, world-wide celebration of babywearing, and this year it runs from October 2nd to October 8th. more “Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing”

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Children, car seats and the law…

From day one, the very beginning of our new job as parents, we took it upon ourselves to ensure our tiny newborn was snugly and safely fitted in her group 0 car seat on that first journey of many; taking her home from the hospital.

It’s a hard mentality to un-do, and quite rightly so, as the safe transit of your precious cargo remains the number one priority on any car journey. But five years on, I’m wondering if I have lost my way on the do’s and don’ts of car safety with kids. more “Children, car seats and the law…”

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Our box full of memories from The Creation Station

Just this afternoon, as I was storing away the dense bag of drawings and artwork from Tigs first year at primary school, I stumbled across a box full of memories from what seems like a lifetime ago. more “Our box full of memories from The Creation Station”

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Saying goodbye to the dummy

Note: Unless you have a small child who is heavily reliant on the pacifying effects of a dummy, you will probably be bored to tears by this post. If, however, you are are here by the power of google looking for the holy grail of how to wean a dummy, I feel your pain. Because, this time last week I was you. *waving from the other side* (and still can’t quite believe it).  more “Saying goodbye to the dummy”

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Transitioning your toddler to a bed

When it comes to moving your baby from it’s cot to a bed, us parents range from the super-keen-can’t-wait-to-get-cracking, to the waiting-as-long-as-possible-totally-in-denial-it-ever-has-to-happen but in the name of progress there’s no putting it off forever. more “Transitioning your toddler to a bed”

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Guest post: Common Potty Training Problems

2017 – so much to look forward to..and then, there’s the small issue of potty training. Needless to say that didn’t make it onto my ‘excited about’ list this January. It’s okay though, I reckon we have a while to remain in denial. I know after last time I’ll definitely be waiting until we’re sure the timing’s right, and that I’m prepared in every sense of the word. 

Thankfully, Potty HQ got in touch to offer us all some much needed advice…and I need all the help I can get.

x MMT 

more “Guest post: Common Potty Training Problems”

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Losing our baby at twenty three weeks

As I start this post, the one that’s probably always been inside me, I wonder if I’ll ever finish it, do it justice, or more still, publish it.

Since we started our rocky road of becoming parents we have experienced the relatively normal ‘highs and lows’ we all love to banter about – the sleepless nights, the messy business of weaning, the terrible twos, the threenagers and even struggling with parenthood altogether. But there will always be one all time low that even I can’t bring myself to bat around with any comedy twist, and that is losing our second baby at 23 weeks. more “Losing our baby at twenty three weeks”

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