1000 days alcohol free

Sober milestones are pretty hard to come by once you pass the first day, week, month, quarter and year. That annual soberversary takes so long to come around and although it’s a special moment to reflect on the time gone by, you have to look a little bit harder for the moments to cheer yourself on.

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The Oddities About Lockdown Fitness

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Gyms reopened last months to British fitness enthusiasts. However, if you’ve been cautious about heading back to the gym just right now, you are not on your own. A lot of people have chosen to carry on with their lockdown fitness routine for a little longer.

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How to take care of yourself following surgery

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For some, the idea of recovering after surgery is a daunting thought. This might be due to the fact that surgeries only occur in more severe medical instances. Luckily we’re equipped with great technology and, in most cases, the best doctors to solve your medical issue.

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What not to do if you suspect symptoms of a health problem

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You’re minding your own business, then one day you wake up and feel a bit strange. Maybe your throat starts feeling a bit sore, perhaps you suddenly feel dizzy, or maybe you’ve got a persistent headache? All of these things (and more) could be symptoms of a health problem. The keyword is ‘could’ – they could also be nothing to worry about at all. 

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Seven Tips for taking care of your hair

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We all want to have a good amount of hair on our heads, right? For many of us, our head of hair can be a significant part of our features and it can also give us our identity in a way.

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TFMR Moments; Speak Your Truth

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post opening up about my experience of TFMR, seven years ago. It was something that despite years of processing the trauma and healing, still felt incredibly difficult.

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The Menopause – Am I ready?

As a generation of modern women, how we roll our eyes and laugh about the days women were ashamed to talk about periods to their children. I mean, imagine being too shamed to discuss the natural cycle of a woman’s hormones at an inevitable stage in her life.

Imagine anything more ridiculous than that.

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TFMR : We lost our babies too

Despite the happy chaos of our every day family life, the trauma of losing our second daughter is never far from my mind. It’s a grief that has undoubtedly eased and lessened with time, but one that we carry with us as part of our very being; our family story and a memory that is important to preserve.

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Tips to reduce anxiety in daily life

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There has never been such a focus on mental health as there is now. And with anxiety disorders being the most common mental illness in the UK, it is no surprise.

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Chain Reaction: Could Cycling Be The Ideal Sport For Your Home School?

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When school closures were whispered about this time last year, it seemed like we were on the brink of apocalypse. Parents, like everyone else, fluctuated between thinking ‘surely not’ and ‘we’re all doomed’. And, when the homeschooling bomb was finally dropped back in late March, it came as a huge blow, especially amidst predictions of ‘a doomed generation.’

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