Always stay attached ; Fun times with good friends at @GoApeTribe @LeedsCastleUK

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As a parent it’s all too often you hear the phrase “The kids have got a better social life than me”. And boy don’t we know it. Bowling, trampolining, swimming, parties (and then more parties), play dates, sleepovers, clubs, PTA events… need I go on? more “Always stay attached ; Fun times with good friends at @GoApeTribe @LeedsCastleUK”

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If you like Pina Coladas…Can you really enjoy an alcohol free holiday?

Like weddings, pub gardens, Christmas, Friday evening, Curry houses, roast dinners, hen parties, any parties; being on holiday is just one of those dreamy visions that’s always been incomprehensible to imagine without the standard alcoholic beverage in hand.

more “If you like Pina Coladas…Can you really enjoy an alcohol free holiday?”
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Helping children through change

Change and parenting go together hand in hand. New nurseries, schools, friends, clubs, teachers…

Somehow this latest chapter of ‘Mum returning to work‘ we are navigating feels the hardest yet. (Don’t they all?).

more “Helping children through change”
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Amazing Hobbies For Mums

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As a Mum you might feel as if you are being pushed from pillar to post on a daily basis with no real chance to let go. Any parent has a huge amount of responsibility towards their children and when you are looking after yourself, a child, your family and working too: things can become overwhelming very quickly.

more “Amazing Hobbies For Mums”
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Way back at the end of January I committed to using my last month as a stay at home Mum for good. In a stroke of luck and timing, I was asked by to champion their #TeamMum campaign and try and raise some moolah for Mums in Africa who frankly put my Mum muddles to shame.

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Keeping young kids comfy in hot weather

*contributed collaborative post

Warmer weather is, fingers crossed, on its way. It’s unlikely to be a scorching April, but it’s hopefully safe to say that we’ve left the frosts and storms behind and we are moving into brighter times. It’s certainly starting to look and feel a lot like spring.

more “Keeping young kids comfy in hot weather”
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Freeing up more money for the things that matter most

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As many people have observed throughout history, it’s really difficult to imagine ever having “too much money.”

No matter what your particular situation is in life, whether you’re single, or have a family who depends on you, it’s inevitable that you will find yourself feeling – at least sometimes – that it would really be great if you’d have a bit more income, and a few less expenses.

more “Freeing up more money for the things that matter most”
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#MUMATHON On your marks, get set, go…

Back in February I committed publicly to take on a physical challenge to raise awareness, and hopefully hard cash, for a charity close to my heart; #TeamMum. more “#MUMATHON On your marks, get set, go…”

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5 things I never thought I’d hear myself say #SoberLiving

When I made a passing comment last week about considering going vegetarian, the look on Dad Muddling Through’s face said it all. I get it though, I do, because over the last half a year, he must wonder who this person stood before him is, and what the hell happened to his wife.

more “5 things I never thought I’d hear myself say #SoberLiving”
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Six months alcohol free. Spot the difference…

While we’re all grumbling about how long this winter has dragged on, and how the summer feels FOREVER ago, I’m quietly celebrating just how long ago August was, because it’s been an extraordinary six months since I decided to embark on a personal experiment of a life alcohol free.

more “Six months alcohol free. Spot the difference…”
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