#CoolMumClub Linky week 105

#CoolMumClub A Go Go! How’s summer term panning out for you all? Hope you have all got your summer swag on, sports day ready, school trip tastic and ice lollies after school! Those not quite there yet, enjoy my friends, your time will come! more “#CoolMumClub Linky week 105”

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#CoolMumClub 100 EPIC #GIVEAWAY

This week is a pretty big week here at #CoolMumClub HQ. It’s been two and a half years ish since I launched the #CoolMumClub link up for parenting bloggers, unsure of what I was doing or where it might lead. In the months that followed, I worked out what I was doing, gained an amazing co-host in Talya (Motherhood the Real Deal) and we also launched the instagram community too. more “#CoolMumClub 100 EPIC #GIVEAWAY”

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#coolmumclub on Instagram!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you can’t fail to have noticed the explosion of Instagram hashtags in the blogging world. Like linkies, memes and taggy posts, you’ve got more chance of dodging soft play on a rainy day than one of these portals to a whole new audience.

But there is ALWAYS room for one more! Yep, you guessed it – you can go right on ahead and add #coolmumclub to your list of hashtags to stick on your instagram shots, be it in your head, in your phone notes, or on the back of a fag packet. more “#coolmumclub on Instagram!”

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How to host an epic Festival themed kids party

Having two children who were both born outside of the summer time was clearly quite bad planning on our part. It also means that birthdays forever more will involve either an uncomfortably overpopulated kitchen-diner or an overpriced rent-a-hall. It is with some envy I have sat back and watched other parents throw some beautifully simple summer garden parties and wished our child friendly garden was seeing some socialising action. more “How to host an epic Festival themed kids party”

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#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Mum In Brum

I’m over the moon to Introduce Natalie, as our debut guest post on #coolmumclub: Meet the Members. If you haven’t already subscribed to Natalies blog, www.muminbrum.com, it’s one not to be missed featuring beautiful interiors, recipes and relatable posts about Parenting, relationships and life. You can follow Natalie on Twitter (@_NatalieEve), as well as facebook, pinterest and google+.

You can also be part of #coolmumclub by linking up with mum muddling through and motherhood the real deal every Thursday.

Enjoy… x MMT
more “#coolmumclub: Meet the Members…Mum In Brum”

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Introducing #coolmumclub: Meet the members

#coolmumclub has been going from strength to strength over the last 6 weeks.

I have overcome a few, ahem, technical issues. We have grown as a community, and we even doubled in size at #coolmumclub HQ (Hi Talya).

So now, alongside the weekly Linky, I’d like to say hello to a new regular feature. #coolmumclub: Meet the members.
more “Introducing #coolmumclub: Meet the members”

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