Ways to #LoveYourLocalHospice this Valentines Day @ellenorcharity

February is the month of LOVE, and boy do we have so much love to give this year. The hug bank is overflowing, the weekends are empty and the idea of spreading a little love to those needing it right now is SO welcome.

But Love doesn’t just come in the form of cupids arrow, wobbly knees and lusting after the one of your dreams; Love truly is all around.

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Attention Attention: Why I’m digging Rap in support of @EllenorCharity X @GTownTalents

You could ask what business a Mum Blogger has banging on about Rap music, and you would legit be spot on. I can’t pretend to be too down with the kids about this genre, in fact my limited knowledge stops at Tu-Pac and Notorious B.I.G.

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@EllenorCharity Hospice #EmergencyFightingFund

I was so excited. In 2020 I was due to get started on a long term blog partnership project with a difference – something I had my heart set on for a while and which would bring together my blogging platform, my local community and a drive to use my voice for good.

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