Unapologetically absent

Cyberspace. It’s a place that’s brought me, like many other people great comfort and community over the years.

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Blogs change lives; lives change blogs

Those that know blogging might be familiar with the phrase ‘Blogs change Lives’ as coined by the rather inspiring Aby Moore (You Baby Me Mummy) and the title of her excellent ‘Blogging how to’ book.

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Tactics to step up your social media game

*contributed collaborative post

You only have to look back a small amount of time to see how much social media has changed. With the likes of Facebook live video, Snapchat story ads, and the still-not-sure-what-the-point-is IGTV, there have been many changes. more “Tactics to step up your social media game”

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Reflections after a blog break – Embracing change for Mum Muddling Through

Finally! I managed to find a moment to get my fingers back onto the keyboard after taking a much needed blog break during the two week half term. Add to that a one week Instagram detox, and a couple of bonus days thanks to unplanned school closures, calendar commitments and technical issues,plus two kids tearing chunks out of each other and here we are!

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Guest post – Black, Gray and White Hat SEO – What it all means

If you’re a site owner and eager to learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’ll need to know the difference between Black, Gray, and White Hat practices. These terms define how ethical each SEO specialist’s approach is to bringing traffic to a website through a search engine. Without an understanding of these concepts it can be easy to breech the search engine’s terms of use. more “Guest post – Black, Gray and White Hat SEO – What it all means”

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Disillusioned moments of blogging

Taking up blogging as an accidental career has had it’s fair share of highs over the last few years, but in the interest of balance, it’s fair to say it’s thrown up the occasional wobble moment too. more “Disillusioned moments of blogging”

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Mum Guilt and Me

Over the last few weeks my blog has taken me to some fun places and made me some new blogging connections. One of the faces who appeared at two Kent blogging events within the same week, in Whitstable and Chatham was the ever so lovely Jo from Guilty Mother. Jo asked the panels at both the Clemmie Hooper Mums The Word Mamas Meets Up, and the Call The Midwife Tour at Chatham Dockyard about ‘Mum Guilt’, which was the original inspiration for her blog. more “Mum Guilt and Me”

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New data protection rules come into force on 25th May 2018 with the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). The purpose of GDPR is to safeguard your data and impacts anyone who collects personal data – which as a blog utilising a subscribe function, includes me. more “GDPR”

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Mums The Word Mamas Meet Up with Clemmie Hooper @modaughters Whitstable

Last Friday I threw threw caution to the wind, ditched the laundry, headed up the M2 Coastbound from HQ in North West Kent and joined a load of like minded Mums for a morning of coffee, catch ups and Clemmie Hooper in Whitstable. Thanks to sponsors PG Tips, Mums The Word who launched Mamas Meet Ups in Tunbridge Wells have extended their reach to a far corner of Kent and now Mums in the Coastal region of the county can get involved in some Mamas Meet Ups too. more “Mums The Word Mamas Meet Up with Clemmie Hooper @modaughters Whitstable”

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I need to ask you, my readers, for your help…

Sometimes, as a blogger running a website, occasionally publishing a blogging tip post or two, I can feel like a bit of a fraud.  more “I need to ask you, my readers, for your help…”

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