When the blog days are over

Have you ever thought about the end of your blog?

I have read countless blog posts dissecting the first week, month, six months, year of blogging. I’ve read many a post of the bloggerati, whose years of blogging have earned them a well deserved spot in the blog-hall of fame. The success stories are so inspiring. But what about the ones who didn’t make it? Where do blogs lay to rest when their days come to an end? When the time comes, how the hell do you decommission a blog anyway?

Although barely out of it’s infancy, my blog has seen some amazing followers come and go. Many silently into the night. Sudden blog death.

It’s got me thinking about the life expectancy of a blog site, or more importantly, the drive and passion of the person making it happen. Growing, creating and maintaining a blog is, or should I say ‘can be’ hard work. Whilst some small incentives can be picked up along the way for the lucky ones, ultimately, it is all consuming and labour intensive process. All the while we are driven, inspired and motivated by the shares, comments and likes of our readers, but does there come a time when the cost outweighs the benefits? When this platform becomes too hard to maintain?

Have you ever closed down a blog? It’s hard to imagine shutting down all the platforms you have worked hard to build. Would the withdrawal be too much? Or would it be a weight off your shoulders?

In the short term, there’s no end in sight. But what about the mid to long term? If you look forward five years, do you still see blogging as part of your life? Do I? Will we be blogging our way through retirement? Getting a notification that we have published our one millionth post?

What are your goals for blogging? And when you have reached them, is that the time to throw in the towel, and think ‘I did it’, or do you simply set your goals higher? There will definitely be pivotal points when you need to think about what’s needed to invest in the next level – better content, time, design, money? Growth, audience, recognition – it all comes at some cost.

Does life’s twists and turns dictate when and where your blog journey travels, and ends? Health, work, family…are we all one unexpected event away from hitting publish for the last time?

Or will we just get bored of it?

I am yet to read a long drawn out goodbye post. Are they out there? Maybe there is a ‘long blog break’ in us, allowing a blog resurrection some point in the future. But then, if ‘all systems are go’ in the background, how do you switch off from that ingrained need to check in on your site, the comments, the stats…?

Is the only real end hitting the deactivate button? Losing the words you worked so hard to create and publicise; Gone forever. Where does it all go? To the pearly gates of Blog heaven? Have you ever thought about backing up your blog content? Is there a button you can press to copy it all into a word document? Who knows…

Ultimately, this for me is a hobby. Probably the one that’s lasted the longest to date in my fickle life of trying this and that, then quickly moving on. So, if one day I’m no longer here, sloped off quietly without saying goodbye, don’t worry. I’ve probably just taken up ‘Rock Choir’, street dancing, or synchronised swimming.

And you never know – when it does happen, maybe I’ll be back.


PS I’m not going anywhere, today anyway. I’m just, y’know, thinking out loud. A blog break is imminent but don’t worry I’ve only taken time off for half term and a bit of Costa del sunshine! 




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12 thoughts on “When the blog days are over

  1. beccaweatherall Reply

    I love this post! It made me giggle at the end! But so many pertinent questions! I want to know the answers!!! I am sure every blogger must ask themselves some of those questions at certain points. I suppose it is another one of those live-in-the-moment things for now. Trying not to overthink it…But, this post has prompted me to save all my posts as word documents! I think we’d all be heartbroken if everything we’d ever written was just suddenly wiped away!! Great post and enjoy your holiday 🙂 x

  2. Louise Reply

    Such an interesting point to think about. I have started several blogs in the last ten years, every one of which is still out there – just never updated anymore – at some point, they just fizzled out. Maybe one day the same thing will happen with my current blog (although being self-hosted will mean it will disappear once I stop paying for hosting!). I do write all my blog posts in Word though so even if my blog did disappear, I still have all the posts. Hope you enjoy your blogging break and have a fab holiday 🙂

  3. Min Reply

    This is a topic where I have some experience. I don’t want to give full details here but I will full you in at Britmums if you are interested. You can back up your blog though. I have four years worth of blog posts from my old blog saved in a “blog book” word document. It was very easy and quick to save it all when I took the website down, so don’t worry!

  4. mummuddlingthrough Reply

    It’s good to know you can back up the blog content at the click of a button.. I need to learn how!
    I’m not planning a sudden exit any time soon, but I do wonder if that time will come one day?
    Absolutely, we need to meet up at BML! Do lunch together maybe? X

  5. Siena Says Reply

    It’s an interesting thought and one that I have had a couple of times recently. I’m still new to blogging, but like Louise have started and abandoned a number of blogs over the years. I have wondered if there comes a point where you say enough is enough. I can’t imagine it being for a long while for me, but you never know. In my current situation, working from home it fits in perfectly and gives me the creative outlet I’ve been looking for. I’m also enjoying getting to know lots of new people and reading a lot!

    I guess only time will tell. Enjoy half term xx

  6. Agent Spitback Reply

    You know I have been pondering on exactly this and you have articulated exactly what I have been pondering over. I think the best thing that has come out with is the online friends I have made and the community that has been so warm. I absolutely love this post and I will be curious to see where your journey will take you.

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks El. It’s all good for now… But forever? That’s a whole different thing isn’t it?! X

  7. lookingforbluesky Reply

    Well I am still blogging after 7 years, whenever the mood takes me. I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers come and go, some just leave things hanging on their blog, others delete them completely, and some download and print them in different formats. And I’m still in touch with former bloggers on social media. Just for the craic 🙂

  8. newmummyblogcom Reply

    Great post, and one that I wonder about. I do back mine up, (well hubby set it up and he gets emails every lunch time or something with a full site back up). I did have a blog years ago on card making and crafts and I just stopped posting. I used to follow Young House Love, who are huge American bloggers, and they gave up a year or two ago and still keep their site live and have posted occasionally recently. I guess I would do similar, probably ramp down rather than delete. I’m just back from holiday and definitely think I’m back with renewed oooomph and 50 posts I’m desperate to find time to write, enjoy your holiday and the sunshine ☀️X

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Lynne. I think you are spot on and that’s prob the approach ill take one day. I need to get the hubby on the case to back mine up too! X

  9. absolutely prabulous Reply

    You’d better not slope off quietly Mrs! I can’t explain how much I loved this post. Which is a problem as I want to feature it in Blog Stars so I’d better work it out! Brilliant writing again.

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