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You only have to look back a small amount of time to see how much social media has changed. With the likes of Facebook live video, Snapchat story ads, and the still-not-sure-what-the-point-is IGTV, there have been many changes.

So, it will be likely that there are even more of them coming as well. And if these channels are changing, then you as a blogger needs to think about what you can be doing to make the most of these channels and the changes. So if you are planning your social media strategy for the year because you want to make some changes to take it to the next level, here are some things to be thinking about.

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Get Behind The Camera

It can be hard to be visual and create content when you are the only one around that is half-decent at taking pictures. But we all know that people will watch their friends on stories or IGTV, and if you want to be seen as someone that they would want to follow, then you could try doing the same. A less polished snap shot of your real life gives them a view into your world and can be a little more relatable than just pictures of the kids posed perfectly, for instance.

Quality over Quantity

The old saying of quality over quantity is never more true than when it comes to social media. It is better to have one stellar post a day that you are able to interact with and reply to comments and so on, rather than churning out an image every few hours that is rushed and leaves you unable to keep up. There are some tips and ideas in this post here that could help to inspire you: https://hi.photoslurp.com/blog/instagram-best-practices-content/. Just make sure that you aren’t just posting for the sake of it, as that can be very obvious and not what people want to see.

Find a Niche

You may have quite a broad niche, but having a niche is a good idea all the same. When you have similar content over and over, people know what to expect when it comes to you and your social content. This post here talks about becoming a sponsored athlete on Instagram, https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/blog/become-a-sponsored-athlete, which is not going to happen if you aren’t posting about fitness or health. If you want to do something like that, then the content needs to be relevant. You will get the right people coming back to see what you’re sharing, and then it really could be a way of monetizing what you do.

Engage with Others

Social media is not a one way street. And if you want to create a community around what you do, then you need to interact and get involved in what others are doing. Do you comment on influencer’s content or reply back to people that leave you comments? It is part and parcel of social media and can help you to take it to the next level.

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