As I sit here, on new years day 2018, about to get my butt in gear to hit publish on the #coolmumclub Instagram round up for December, it feels kind of wrong not to start 2018 without a proper hello.

We’ve had a blissful break jam packed with everything Christmas should be – way too much food, drink, late nights and lay ins, and have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is.

In truth, I had intended to shut down the blog for it’s pre-christmas break properly, with a festive message to anyone who might actually be reading. To turn on my e mail out of office and explain my absence from blogsville. That didn’t happen for a hundred reasons – the grotto job, the kids three thousand festive engagements, the shopping, the wrapping, the pre-christmas burnout in general. But perhaps most importantly, because I realised I didn’t actually need to.

It’s fair to say that 2017 saw me find a happy place with my blog. It provided everything I needed it to, at times more (at times it felt a totally thankless task I should add). This time a year ago I felt unsure if I’d even be able to stick at being a SAHM much longer, and considered returning to work, very briefly. Once I realised the opportunity lay before me, and the realisation that I could have the best of both worlds, 2017 was a truly content year for me. The blog however wasn’t everything – and whilst that may not make me a internet sensation, it makes for a happy way to live.

So what now? Having literally forgotten where my laptop is for the last two weeks, and feeling like I’ve become devoid of any ability to write, I know the place to start is by putting pen back to paper, so to speak. To find my rhythm again and to reconnect with the joy in documenting these days. (Plus remember how to use wordpress again). As our weekly routine hits a new chapter, with the mouses pre-school funding seeing her at nursery each morning, this is the time that hopefully the blogging schedule shifts from nodding off in front of the TV, to (hopefully far more productive) daylight hours. Plus I’ll be able to be more flexible with the things that until now have been squeezed into the two child free mornings, and perhaps for the first time in years, lose that feeling of being constantly in a rush?

It also means the end of an era for me and the kids at morning play sessions and toddler groups – and in all honesty, I’m a little nervous about it. I’m going to miss my Mum mates as much as she’ll miss her weekly pal hang outs and it’s going to require some planning and incentive to use the couple of pm hours between nursery and collecting Tigs to make time to see those we’re sure to miss.

Forgive the cliche, but I will be trying to start 2018 with a healthy kick start. An attempt to do dry January again – after last years failure on the 28th January, but in all honesty it was that or a marital breakdown…the stress levels were high! The extra time hopefully will allow me to break back into the running I love so much, albeit that I appear to be a fairweather contributor to the sport. A glass or two more water, a bit of bright lippy to lift my mood, and a little easy on the junk food. No diets, no fads – just listening to my body and following a bit of common sense.

As a family we are hoping to holiday abroad this year, a visit friends across the UK  and set about our next major house project. Lots to get stuck in to and lots to think about. The home renovations may even make way for a office to again reinforce the ability to make the blog all the more ‘proper’.

As a stay at home Mum it can be odd at new year. The future ahead, filled with more of the same, can seem disheartening and relentless; with little room to grow or develop, and without a clear path to get excited about. This year however I have learnt from the year behind me that opportunities are around every corner if you only look for them. Self worth and pride can be achieved from far more than a working environment, should that be the path you choose. (Ever grown your own pumpkin?). Your destiny lies in your own hands, and you really can achieve great things if you are prepared to work hard and have an open mind.


I truly hope that above all else, we all have a happy, healthy 2018, and I wish the same to you and yours.


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