Slowing down for summer…

As has become customary in the two years Mum Muddling Through has been running, when it comes to school holidays, things take a totally different schedule. Since January this year here at HQ I’ve been working my socks off to make sure there is a post live every day at 6 a.m., with the odd exception during the week breaks from school when there has been a total blog break. 

The difficulty about the summer holidays is it is SUCH a long time to take a total blog break, aargh! I’m trying not to overthink it. BUT things just have to chill… a break is well overdue.

Unlike many other amazing bloggers, I haven’t scheduled a load of posts in advance, because quite frankly I just haven’t had the time or the energy at this time of year. What I do know is that in the UK these summer evenings with friends and family, with long weekends away, holidays and crazy days out are not a time I want to be rushing the kids to bed and sitting in front of the laptop. Neither do I want to be sticking the kids in front of the TV during our days at home so I can sneak away and write about how much I love being with them.

That said, I can’t imagine going 6 weeks without a little post here and there, so expect a laid back, ad hoc approach to the posts. Instagram will of course be in full throttle as I’m just too much of a photo lover to not share some of the summer fun antics of 2017.

So as of today, the kids are home, school is out and the laptop won’t be such a regular feature of our evenings (my husband will be glad to hear, well, maybe).

The #coolmumclub linky is closed until September, and Talya and I will do our best to keep up with the #coolmumcub instagram community which we love so much – but expect perhaps a more casual approach!

Normal service will resume in September folks, but in the meantime, enjoy your summer… survive it, stay safe and treasure every moment (even the ones where you have to count to ten).


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