Sloping off…an Easter blog break

So far this Easter holidays I’ve failed miserably at taking a ‘blog break’. A much needed one at that, having somehow morphed in 2017 into ‘one of those bloggers’ who posts every day.

I guess that came with the decision to make a go of it as work that works. Something I haven’t regretted; it’s amazing to think you might be able to create a business doing what you love around your family. Hard work and passion goes along way, but it also (combined with the demise of the afternoon nap) has meant most evenings have become blog-tastic.  And that’s fine… But I need a break.

A proper break, which means a week or so of not blogging in the evenings. Not squeezing in trying to write while the kids are trying to kill each other playing. Just hanging out with the hubby in my PJs, watching crap on TV and eating easter eggs.

A break unlike the ‘break’ this week – which has involved long and fun but busy days with the kids, late bedtimes, then tired writing in the evening. No linky, but definitely lots of laptop. Nope, that’s not working out great for me as a ‘rest’.

Unlike some of the bloggerati, I have not spent the last month scheduling posts to cover a break. There won’t be any fillers, and I’ll just have to accept that my hard earnt Tots rating might nose dive but hey, sometimes these things have to be done. Word on the street says that’s not too big a deal anyway (aargh so close to 100 though!).

After all, I have honestly NEVER thought, “ooh, [insert fave blogger name here] hasn’t published in a few days…” and I’m sure most of the blogging world are also spending time with the famalam, and not worrying too much about it.

We have a full-on week ahead, with even more scheduled plans, big family birthdays and a heap of hosting stuff at our place. Trips to london, and places to review for the blog. They’ll be written up and scheduled for my return to ‘work’. We have some decisions to make regarding the Mouse’s nursery set up, and I have a tonne of other things I want to do at home this coming week.

So, unless the opportunity of my lifetime comes in tomorrow (Yes, I’d love to review an all paid for trip to Disney) I’ll be off grid for a while. Still posting the odd piccie of what we’re up to over on #coolmumclub instagram but properly on holibobs from all this shizzle.

I’ll be back after Easter, hopefully bursting with inspiration and creativity and having missed my laptop on my knees each evening.

Have fun!


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