Introducing my #Blogfest16 sponsor, #Adventuresinfruit

I wasn’t planning on attending any more blogging conferences this year. BML16 was an incredible experience, but the build up, the anxiety, the buzz, the info overload and the social networking (of the face to face variety) left me somewhat drained. Don’t get me wrong, it was epic – I loved it, but like the post newborn baby recovery stage, I wasn’t planning on doing it again for a while.

But then something hit. It’s called FOMO.

I realised that as a blogger, and now a seasoned conference attendee, there is so much to gain from these events. Not least of all the catch up with friends, and the endless opportunity to learn, expand and broaden those bloggy horizons (whatever they may be).

So, decision made, and Blogfest 2016 ticket booked. Unlike my last blog conference I’m taking a way more chilled approach to this one. I haven’t planned an outfit, a route, a schedule for the day. I’m basically going to try and relax a little, and enjoy it. My business cards are already printed and I have some major conference lessons under my belt. In a nutshell;

  1. Wear flats
  2. Pack lightly
  3. Take notes
  4. Remember to eat and stay hydrated (I’ll be taking some snacks)
  5. Generate actions
  6. Keep the post event plans relaxed

This time around I am beyond excited to introduce you to my event sponsor…#AdventuresIn Fruit.

Here is a little bit more about the brand I’ll be promoting through my tweets, write up and if you want to chat to me about it, on the day.

I first met the #AdventuresInFruit team in September, at an exquisite apple orchard on the edge of Faversham in Kent. A twilight secret supper club, celebrating the beginning of the #ApplesandPears harvest was the perfect way to begin to understand the mission of #AdventuresInFruit.

Initially, I couldn’t really get too excited about the apples themselves, but the lure of a celebrity chef and a posh event was what drew me in. By the end of the evening, having listened to and chatted with the farmers, the producers, the buyers and the Marks and Spencers team, I got it.

#AdventuresInFruit is working in partnership with Marks and Spencers to share and embrace the story behind the fruit, and the work that goes into making it special, delicious and worth its place on the M&S shelf. Driven by customers looking for quality in their produce, M&S work hard with the farmers over decades in some cases, to create new varieties, perfect the favourites and take them to a whole new level. Each fruit is subjected to the ‘perfect pick’ protocol to ensure that only the very best makes it’s way to your fruit bowl.

It’s not just all about apples. Golden kiwis, Figs, Strawberries, coconuts, plums, cherries, pears….the guys have it all covered.

On the Adventures In Fruit website, you will find exciting competitions, seasonal recipes, grower profiles, fruit seasons and highlights from the Fruity events thrown by the team. Follow @FruitAdventures on twitter, like their Facebook page or get snap happy with @AdventuresInFruit Instagram for direct updates, recipes and competitions. Tag your fruity shots to the #AdventuresInFruit team, clean ones only please – this is a family show.

Adventures In Fruit has changed something in me…an appreciation for the incredible work of farmers day after day, year after year. I have started reading the labels to look for who, what and where my fruit came from. It wasn’t from a factory, it was from a beautiful orchard; maybe grown by a man called Simon, whose trees have stood there for 18 years. That makes my apple taste all the sweeter.

See you at Blogfest16!



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