I’m going to #BML16 (on my blogs 1st birthday)

If you are a blogger, unless you have been living in a cave, you probably know Britmums Live 2016, the annual blogger conference, is taking place in London on the 25th June. If you’re not a blogger, you do now (and probably couldn’t care less).

Attending a blogger conference was on my blog bucket list 2015, and is something every blogger probably aspires to do at some point. It’s an opportunity to learn a little more about where to take your blog, educate yourself on the technical, marketing, design elements of blogging, and network with fellow bloggers and brands. 

In a twist of fate, this years #BML falls on my blogs first birthday. I see on the agenda they have scheduled a birthday cake slot. How kind! 😉 I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to be able to thank in person some of the people who have made this year so much fun.

#BML16 is also the venue for the Brilliance in Blogging awards, a chance to see some of our fave bloggers up for various prestigious titles…we’ll hopefully hear some cracking acceptance speeches and be able to give a real applause as opposed to a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’.

In order to start the networking in advance, the Britmums gang have set up a Linky to get the attendees to introduce themselves and be able to check out who’s going to be there to look out for. So, here’s my contribution…

My name: Sarah (Please don’t call me MMT in real life, cringe, ha ha ;-))

My blog: www.mummuddlingthrough.com, #coolmumclub Linky HQ!

Find me on social media at: Twitter: @mummuddlingthru, Instagram @mummuddlingthrough, Pinterest: @mummuddlingthru and google+: @mummuddlingthrough

How I look: This one is tricky, as I’m a no selfies blogger! I’ve got very brown eyes, often hidden behind my trusty shades (you know the ones!) and I am hoping to have a killer tan due to my impending holiday. Build, I’d describe as slim but wobbly. Hair may be mistaken for a grown out bleached bob, but that salon ombre lob is pretty much the only beauty regime I’ve maintained since having the kids! Other distinguishing features include a lizard tattoo on my back, and a scar on my right calf, neither of which will probably be visible. Body language to watch out for includes talking, hugging and more talking. You can’t miss me right?

Is this my first blogging event? It sure is. I’m somewhat freaked out nervous about the idea of meeting people from t’internet, so I’m getting my head into a ‘work conference to network with international colleagues’ kind of mindset. Not sure if it makes it worse that I’ll know you all, but you won’t know me, so I’m slightly worried I’ll be spending the day staring like a stalker at load of other people having movie style reunion hugs.

I will be wearing…not entirely sure yet but as I haven’t mastered the art of smart-casual, it’ll either be smart, or casual. Are you allowed to wear flip flops? I’ll be doing my best as always to avoid looking too Mumsy, I mean, #coolmumclub chief, no pressure eh? I’m also seriously considering a swift outfit change for the evening just because I can!

What I hope to gain from #BML16: A bit of inspiration with the blog. Be able to discuss the ins and outs of the blog world with another real life blogger or two – I’ve never met one before. Some autographs? Just kidding.

My tips for a great conference: Take a note book? Be nice? I have had some business cards printed for the blog, by MOO.com,  just in case some of my favourite brands just happen to be there looking for representation… NANDOS, TOPSHOP, JAMES VILLAS, MAC, APPLE, MULBERRY. #inmydreams.

All in all I am pretty daunted about the whole thing, but excited in equal measure. I’m looking forward to being able to finally reveal myself (not like that, cheeky) in the old fashioned way to some people who I feel like I have gotten to know this past year; transitioning from virtual friends to actual friends. If you see me, come say hi!

x Sarah


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