Developing a blog strategy

When I first started blogging, almost a year ago, my posts were somewhat erratic in frequence. I’d write when I felt inspired, and hit publish when I thought the post was good to go. There was definitely no planning, no scheduling and absolutely no strategy.

I would sometimes post daily, and sometimes I’d have days on end with nothing published which would leave me feeling a bit pressured to get something out.

As my blog grew and developed, and I learnt more, it became easier for me to save up posts when I was particularly productive, schedule them in advance and have blogs lined up for the coming weeks.

I also devised a regular pattern for my posts, which all go live at 6am. :

Monday – A current issue parenting or lifestyle post.

Tuesday – A collaborative post

Wednesday – No posts

Thursday – The #coolmumclub Linky

Friday – #coolmumclub Meet the Members guest post.

Saturday & Sunday – No posts

This helped me hugely to create some strategy to my posting, and installing an editorial calendar plug in was key in rolling out the schedule. That tip came from a blogging idol – Abi from You Baby Me Mummy. I also remember seeing something on TV once by a celebrity fashion blogger who said it’s best if your audience know when to expect a post.

The formula isn’t set in stone of course. I have and will take blog breaks for a week or more at a time. Running a linky in particular is a big commitment for any blogger and it takes a huge amount of time to read and share the posts. Hence why it is always courteous to adhere to the rules they have requested. A break here and there keeps you fresh, gives you the breather you need to keep going.

Blog free weekends aren’t quite what they seem – experience has taught me the blog community ‘shuts down’ over the weekend for the most part, so aside from a few linkies, blogsville is a quiet place to be at weekends while we all focus on ‘real life’. That said, for me the weekend is a key time to prepare for the week ahead – finalising posts, images and links for thursdays #coolmumclub. Alongside, of course reading and sharing any #coolmumclub posts. It’s prime time for a few instagram snaps and the odd tweet mind you!

I sometimes wonder if scheduling a blog rigidly is partly detrimental? For example, if I write a post about a current parenting issue, then it goes live two weeks later or more, the comments and conversations that follow can feel a little out of context. But only to me of course.

In addition, one of my blogging heroes ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ once tweeted her biggest blogging tip: ‘Only blog when you feel like it, simples’. It’s a refreshing thought.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have seen posts describing intense schedules and free printable planning sheets to ensure your blog and everything it involves is meticulously planned, inch by inch.

I guess, your blogging strategy evolves, as mine has over time. As life changes, my strategy will change too. In the future, as I contemplate returning to work and the children are at school, maybe I’ll have more time or less time to dedicate to writing…prompting a more Unmumsy Mum approach, or maybe I’ll need to be more organised than ever.


Do you have a blog strategy? What are your thoughts on planning and scheduling your posts? Or do you just hit Publish and not give it any thought?

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