The cliche blog posts you just can’t help but write…

I truly believe that the internet is big enough for all of us parenting bloggers – the big, the small, the old, the new, the niche, the rambling, the beautiful and the truthful.

It does seem though, that there are a number of post titles (with familiar looking stock photos to boot) that crop up over  and over  (and over) again. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as guilty as the next person of churning these posts out. In fact, maybe this post is one of those posts in itself…but if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at eh?

1. Ten things I’ve learnt from blogging. Oh yes, this little gem which strangely enough is still one of my most popular posts. Between us all, we must have all covered these bullet points a kerjillion times over. Yet, to a new blogger they really are like gold dust. And don’t forget, we were all new bloggers once.

2. The soft play post. I firmly believe every parenting blogger has a soft play blog post inside them. There’s just so much scope isn’t there? The overpriced food, the smell of grease, the migraine inducing primary colours, the feral kids…it’s a classic for a reason.

3. An open letter to… Hmmm. Who are you going to write an open letter to? Your kids? Your Mum? Father Christmas? David Beckham? Heartfelt, political, funny…they’re a little bit like Marmite but guess what – I love Marmite.

4. My kid is starting school. Okay so you think that’s soooooo far away as you watch little bubsy bouncing in his jumperoo. Just you wait, you’ll be writing your ‘I can’t believe little Timmy is starting school’ post in the blink of an eye.

5. Swiftly followed by…the school run post. The stuff of dark legend, this will be sure to get some relatable content flowing in no time at all.

6. Review of a personalised cake / pencil / dishcloth…It’s a big deal when you get offered those first bits and bobs to review. Mentioning no names of course, I’m not really sure I’m convinced I want to eat one of those personalised cakes even after all the glowing blogger reviews. Does the value of those products exceed the value of the time you spent writing that review? Maybe not – but it’s an exciting milestone and a big deal. Plus, you gotta start somewhere…

7. My blog birthday. Happy Birthday to me! Well, my blog…where did that year go? I can’t believe how far I have come…I might eat some cake. I wonder if blog birthdays are like real birthdays, and become far less exciting the older you get?

Birthday cake representing blog birthday

8. My kids birthday. Given this annual highlight of any parents calendar, it’s a given that there has to be some inspired blog content right? The cake…the party…the open letter opportunity…it’d be rude not to.

9. I had a bad day / night / week. They say blogging is therapy, so you can be sure that over your blogging back catalogue there will be one or two ranty posts about what a tough time you’re having. I love a good old moan post – it reminds us we are all human, and in this together.

10. New Year Goals. So Christmas and all the festive posts have gone to the land of archived posts, only to be strangely resurrected by ‘revive old posts’ in the middle of summer. You’re limping along, fresh from a blog break of excessive booze and food. The blogging slump is real…there’s only one thing for it – a new year goals post.

It goes without saying though, that these post headers may be ‘popular’ but what lies within each post is as unique as you or I. So don’t be put off…get those creative juices flowing and show us how you’re going to spin it.



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