When I was contacted by Wayfair to take part in their #BlogItForward challenge, it was a bit of a no brainer as to whether I would join in.

The message is simple…do good…blog about it…they donate £50.00 to Habitat for humanity. Add a badge, and nominate two fellow bloggers to take part.

The scheme originally ran in December, but has been extended until January 31st,  after raising a whopping £2,600.

As we are now well into January, the darkest month in every sense, a little sprinkling of goodness is just what we all need. Especially after the indulgence and gluttony of our Christmas season, and the left over chocolates…

So, what is my good deed? Now, I’m hoping this may inspire some readers to take the idea and make it happen for them too…this may be a simple reminder, or a prompt to do something you have never done before.

Give blood.

As luck would have it, there was a session being run today in my local civic centre, which I just so happened to be able to join.

It has been a while since I gave blood, thanks to all the blood in my body being used up in that somewhat inconvenient process of making babies over the last few years.

So now, as a parent, and someone who lost quite a lot of blood during the delivery of said children, I’ve never been more compelled to get back on the blood donation horse.

My previous history has been somewhat hit and miss, due to low iron and low blood pressure…but today my luck was in. Sure, it was a little bit uncomfortable, but actually the waiting, then lay down in peace and quiet, and the hot tea and biscuits afterwards was somewhat of a rest from the day to day chaos. A night out obviously isn’t what it used to be.

The good in doing something like this by far outweighs any negatives, enough to get most of us through a half our of squeamishness…and anyway, I’m assuming most of my readers have already been through a slightly more squeamish scenario of getting a mini person out of your body.

So thanks Wayfair, for giving me the push to do it, and if even one person out there reading this makes an appointment to give blood,  could be onto a do-good hat trick.

The lovely nurse told me that a mere 2% of the public are blood donors…

You can check out local blood donation sessions at www.blood.co.uk – they even have an app you can install on your phone to keep tabs on your donation history and upcoming sessions locally. I have downloaded it already…and booked my next appointment.


I now nominate two bloggers to take part in the #blogitforward challenge… (You don’t have to give blood – you can do ANYTHING!)

Tracey aka the Anxious Dragon

Lucy aka This Mums Life

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