Blog Awards: The imaginary acceptance speech

I would first of all like to Thank The Gandy Brothers, whose book ‘Tsunami Kids’ inspired me to follow my dreams, live for right now, and ultimately, start my blog. They also make exceedingly good flip flops.

I would also like to thank my husband, for not only begrudgingly agreeing to let me buy a new laptop (without which the #coolmumclub Thursday was becoming a IT nightmare and doomed for failure), but for also at times accepting his blog-widow status and picking up the playstation controller for company. Again. 

My girls, you are my inspiration, my everything, and also, extremely good blog material.

I couldn’t have gone on without the positive words of encouragement from all of you guys – especially the #coolmumclub regulars. You know who you are. I’m sorry I have at times neglected to respond to you all. It was the laptops fault. Oh, and that small issue of being a mother to two small and demanding people.

I’d like to thank last of all, everyone who has nominated me, voted for me, believed in me, and laughed along with me. It’s been a roller coaster 9 months. Yep, ONLY 9 MONTHS. I could have grown a baby in that time, or maybe I did. My third baby. My blog.

Okay, okay, back to reality – with so much amazing competition, it’s unlikely. Especially with amazing contenders like Motherhood the real deal, New Mummy blog, Single mum speaks, Agent Spitback, The anxious Dragon…I should stop because I know I will miss some key players…like Absolutely Prabulous or Mum in Brum. How on earth do you choose? And don’t even get me started on the big guns…Honest Mum, Brummy Mummy of 2, The Unmumsy Mum, You Baby Me Mummy….So many categories, but so many awesome blogs.

Well, good luck deciding. I know I still am…here are the nomination portals for Brilliance in Blogging (closes 8th April 2016)  and The MAD blog awards (closes 13 April 2016). You don’t need to be a blogger to nominate.

You may recall one of the things I missed about work was Reward and Recognition? Well, this could be my time.  My moment. My best hope in ever getting a blog award is, I reckon,  now as a newbie – so if you feel the love, nominate me  BEST NEW BLOG (MADS) or FRESH VOICE (BiBs) category (but, you may think I fit better somewhere else…and that’s cool!). And I’ll love you forever. Begging over.
Twitter handle: @mummuddlingthru


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