Being a no-selfies blogger

In a world where appearance appears to be everything, it’s a breath of fresh air being a voice without a face. One place in life I don’t have to worry if my ‘skulking around at home’ clothes are going to be inadvertently seen by another adult human being. Where I don’t have to consider my outfit choice based on who I am seeing today and worry that my perfectly straightened hair is now in some crazy kinked up mess after being tied up off my face within 10  minutes of ‘being done’.

Sure, my instagram feed is packed with mug shots, but they are generally of this kind of calibre…

image image image

I know, you must be rushing off to check you’re following me RIGHT NOW.

There is even a couple of OOTD style selfies, sans head. And that was no bad-photography accident. In fact, my instagram feed can be pretty well summed up by a stream of seasonal randoms, food and feet.

image image image

image image IMG_7010

Uncloaking my anonymity has however been something I have thought about a lot…I do afterall like reading blogs where I can visualise the person telling their story. But, I also love the blogs where I have to create an  image of them in my mind too. After all, have you ever disliked a great Novel because you didn’t have a selfie of the lead heroine?

It’s not that I don’t love a well angled selfie (who doesn’t?),  but posting it on the blog, now that’s a whole different ball game.

I am a huge fan of Rhyming with Wine, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows, Agent Spitback…I don’t need to go on do I? There are some pretty wonderful writers out there who in my mind, look like little animated avatars.

I do wonder though, is it a coincidence that some of the ‘Blogging greats’ of our time also happen to be quite gorgeous? Well groomed, smiling away, being the image of perfection? Could putting ones face on the side bar be the missing piece of the puzzle, to sky rocketting that blog straight to the Brilliance In Blogging awards? Or to the cess pit of unsuccessful blogger Mums? I don’t know of any real anonymous Blog Idols?…although come to think of it, I can’t visualise that Mum in the Madhouse lady…

Have I ever thought more or less of a blog, because of the way the writer looks? In all honesty no – I am probably more influenced by the beauty of the site than of the face of the author.

So what’s stopping me?

I guess, I’m just a little uncomfortable with the ‘fame element’ (yeah yeah, I know, I wish). I know that my happy smiling face might sell a product better than a pure product placement shot. But that’s a hit I’m willing to take, because that’s not really my goal. I’m probably also a bit nervous that no picture would be ‘good enough’ to put out there to be ‘scrutinised’ by thousands of people. How on earth would you choose which picture to use?! (I guess, black and white, slightly out of focus would be a good start!).

And what if…what if one day a post went viral, or somehow I got it wrong…I don’t want to wake up to my face on the Daily Mail App.

There is of course a couple of back of head shots floating around on the blog…the ‘About me’ beach picture I am actually about 7 months pregnant with Dangermouse…something I see every time I look at the picture, but you guys would not.

And what about the kids? I mentioned before that their faces are a part of my story I’m not prepared to share (along with their names). Ironic that I’m willing to spill all on their childhood…but I have an overriding feeling that their identity isn’t mine to put out there. Until, one day, I’m sure they’ll plaster their own lives all over social media as the youth of today seem so compelled to do (pot kettle black).

But it’s been tempting. So so tempting. In the same way I didn’t put any baby pictures on my (once active) personal facebook page for two whole months, until the motherly pride could be contained no more…After all, their gorgeous faces (and you’ll have to trust me on this one… gorgeous), and some of the cheeky wonderful images we have captured over the years could be shared, liked, cooed over en mass at one tiny click of a button. You’d love them. You’d love their names. You’d fall in love with their big brown eyes and dimples. But…on this one I’m standing firm.

This is of course no criticism to the many of you who do share the images of yourselves, and your beautiful families. Many of whom I thoroughly enjoy. It’s all a personal choice how each blogger shares their lives…and the spectrum is vast. If I’m completely honest though, and I’m being brutal here, some blogs jam packed with pictures of family snaps can, for me, be as turn off as that annoying Mother-type who bores you to tears talking about her little darlings… You know the ones.

But who ever said we had to all love each others blogs? Variety is the spice of life and I’m sure there will be plenty of people not loving mine. And I’m cool with that.

I’m going to Britmums Live in June, so hopefully see some of you there…Of course, you won’t know me at first, but keep your eyes peeled on the name badges. Maybe you’ll be able to visualise me whilst reading my blog after all, after meeting me in the good old fashioned way.


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