B-logging off for Christmas

I have never worked at Christmas. Fact.

Never had to cover the graveyard shift that is between Christmas and New year. Not since I started working at 18, sixteen years ago. I guess I didn’t work in a sector where I was particular needed, but it also was a sneaky bit of jiggery pokery to make sure I had a nice long festive rest.

I don’t even think I have ever worked Christmas eve? Crafty bugger.

It’s a wonderful feeling, switching on your out of office auto reply, collecting up your Christmas cards from your desk, wishing everyone a fab time, and logging off for Christmas.

Okay so I may not have an actual job right now, but the blog sure as hell is a huge commitment and distraction – which is fine when I need distracting from the piles of laundry and four walls, but there’s ALREADY plenty of distraction in December! I’m not even sure how I have kept up till now with so much going on…oh, because I’m a MUM that’s how.

And, I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but since blog-launch back in June, I don’t think there has been one single day when I haven’t tinkered with the blog in some shape or form. Writing, reading, sharing, plugging-in, breaking…It’s a little addictive isn’t it? A breather will do me good.

So, while some of you have been ramping up for a Bloggy marathon that is Blogmas, I’ve been winding down to have a nice break from the screen. From the linkies, the reading, the writing, the commenting, the hosting, the posting and the tweeting (well, maybe a sneaky tweet or pic now and again!). I’ll read and share your #coolmumclub posts, as best I can between wrapping presents, then I’ll be spending my Christmas with my nearest and dearest. All two hundred of them. (Happily) Drowning in Baileys and family get togethers. Eating way too much cheese, Turkey Dripping on toast and pickled onions. Expect diet posts in January.

#Coolmumclub the LINKY will be back on Thursday 14 January… Slightly later than planned as I’ll be cool Mumming it with the rest of the middle class parenting clan in centre parcs. But what the hell, with the raging success of the LINKY Talya and I deserve a lovely long rest.

See you in 2016! Have a wonderful time all of you…

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU

MMT, B-logging off x x x

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