5 simple ways to grow your blog

I have been blogging now for almost three years, and despite the ebb and flow of the energy and time I’ve been able to apply to it, mostly due to the depletion of energy caused by two little humans, it’s taken form and from a tiny seed, I guess a moderate sized sapling has grown. 

It’s hard to celebrate success when life has taught us to be modest and not blow one’s own trumpet, but I realise the importance of stopping, looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. Granted, I’m not signing a book deal, a household name, or in the blogging hall of fame alongside some of my blogging heroes, but I’ve worked hard, and I’ve seen results. I’m happy with where I’m at, and there’s no sign of hanging up my blogging shoes just yet.

When I look back to a few months in, or even further – a year or so, I didn’t have a goal as such, but I would look on at others in awe of their stats, their brand collabs and their sites. I couldn’t imagine getting to a place where I had a K after my followers, or be considered for any paid work at all.

But having grown my blog into  a flexible business that works around my family, I realise this is something many people would love to recreate. I’m no blogging genius, but here are some of the ways I’ve made exactly that, three years in.


Ultimately, I don’t generate enough content to warrant a huge following on twitter, but I do tweet everything I read. I also indulge in a huge sharing session every Thursday via #coolmumclub, which may bring about new followers and readers all the time.

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As well as twitter, I have a whole host of pinterest boards by category and I try to pin everything into it’s board too. It takes a second, and although I’m not a huge pinterest expert, I do know that some of my biggest hits on posts have come from this platform.

One last share tip to note – make sure your share button settings include your twitter handle, so anyone hitting that share button automatically tags you into the tweet (and points others towards your Social accounts).


Whilst sharing away happily, I’ll stick on some random, relevant hashtags. Whether that’s #Autismawareness #mumprobs #schoolapplications #recipe, I’m sure that this brings about a few clicks and reads  for you and I both. It’s also important to @mention brands, venues and people as all of these things create that social and professional network you are seeking to build.

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Undoubtedly, one of the loveliest things about blogging is finding your place within a community of people you wouldn’t normally meet. Through your blogging friends you can not only have everyday bants and giggles, but also tap into each other as support, camaraderie and the odd favour too!

By setting up my own community on the blog, twitter and instagram, #coolmumclub has clearly been a key to the blogs reach. Their are techy benefits in your badge being added to other sites post (SEO baby), but also it brings a wider audience and a systematic way to find new bloggers all the time. If running your own community is too much of a tie (and it can be hard work!) there are plenty of established blogging linkies to get involved in.

As your blog grows, you may find less time to interact with link ups, but don’t beat yourself up. Life goes on, they’ll still be there when and if you return – and perhaps you have already established a network that no longer requires that kind of interaction.


I was kind of late to the giveaway party, but now I have seen the light, it’s something I try and utilise as often as possible. If a brand have asked you to review something, it’s always worth asking for a giveaway prize, as this will add a huge amount more benefit to your content than a straight forward review. A good prize will have its own legs and by the power of giveaway sites such as loquax and prizefinder,  you may be surprised how many clicks your post receives.

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Like I said, I’m no blogging guru, but I am a grafter and when it comes to my blog, pretty consistent. I take regular breaks as and when needed (often aligned with the school hols when blog land generally goes a little sleepy anyway), but otherwise I’m like a dog with a bone. Over the years I’ve adjusted my schedule from three times a week, to seven, to five, but I try and post consistently. This sometimes means using guest material, but that can often bring value to your site too. There are no rules, only your rules, so go with what feels right to you and be prepared to get out what you put in.

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Be yourself

One of the things you can’t escape within a blog, is that ultimately it is a digital representation of you. Undoubtedly you can watch others and feel totally inspired, but what makes your blog unique, is that it’s you creating it. Tap into the things you love, whatever they may be. Absolutely embrace the cliches, but don’t aspire to imitate your icons. I have long realised that the bright colour pops of Alison Perry, or the London facades of Just Saying Mum are stunning in their own way, but for me, it’s nature that inspires my style. Skies, seas, trees and plants,  with a few snaps of everyday mayhem as a family of four thrown in. Find your passion, and channel it through your blog. It’s what makes it so special.


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32 thoughts on “5 simple ways to grow your blog

  1. JakiJellz Reply

    I love this post. Really inspiring. And we should always give ourselves a pat on the back. Blogging can be hard work & we deserve the praise. Congrats on 99 linkies! Amazing. #coolmumclub

  2. ettieandme Reply

    Another brilliant post and so many tips!! … I now have a question about giveaways, if you were to run an Instagram competiton would you put that on prizefinder and ioquax too. Im about to run one and it would be great to get as much publicity as possible xx #coolmumclub

  3. pamsbakeandbabyblog Reply

    Great advice! So much common sense that we forget! #coolmumclub

  4. Jenny Curtis Reply

    I’m off to check that my share button has my twitter handle in it now! Thanks for the tips, really enjoy your #coolmumclub linky 🙂

  5. beautybabyandme Reply

    Love this honey some great tips here but especially being yourself. That’s one thing I’ve always stuck to and I’m so glad xx #coolmumclub

  6. Sons Over the Yardarm Reply

    This is so helpful! I’m brand-new to the blogging game and while it’s fun, and my friends like it, I do wonder how long I can stick with what feels a lot like a vanity project. Will definitely try some of these ideas to get a bit more reach and hopefully raise a smile with people who aren’t my chums! #coolmumclub

  7. Tubbs Reply

    I love this post and it’s all so sensible and achievable. Some of the advice posts seem to assume that you’ll be blogging at the expense of everything else!

  8. Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice) Reply

    I think that it is essential to work hard and that does not get mentioned enough. Certainly for me being open and true and honest sometimes painfully so led to my success initially I think. Great tips in this post for any blogger vintage or new #CoolMumClub

  9. emptynestmummy Reply

    Thank you so much for those amazing tips! I only started a few months ago and will use you as inspiration! #coolmumclub

  10. craftcartwright Reply

    The giveaway thing has been a real boost for me too #coolmumclub

  11. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Giveaways have been huge for me but also consistency and being yourself. Fab advice to all our #coolmumclubbers hun xoxo

  12. mummyconstant Reply

    I love all of these tips. Some great ideas and I am grateful that I am doing some of these already… 🙂 #CoolMumClub xx

  13. Debbie Denyer - Squidgydoodle Reply

    Thank you. There’s some great advice here. It’s early days for me, but you’re so right that there’s a lovely blogging community out there, who are very supportive of each other. I share art and sensory ideas to try at home, plus ideas to help encourage children’s creativity. I’ve found twitter chats really useful for expanding my reach and finding people who share similar interests #coolmumclub

  14. mumneverknows Reply

    So nice to have handy hints in black and white #coolmumclub

  15. Kayleigh (Mini Human Resources) Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips! There is so much to get my head around I find it overwhelming sometimes! There’s so much more to it than just writing good content isn’t there! #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Absolutely! But it’s doable if you don’t try to do it all…one good tip is to choose three social platforms and focus only on those. Mine are Insta, twitter and pinterest. It’s all about where you feel most comfortable.

  16. Becky | Bringing up the Berneys Reply

    This is great:) I need to work out Pinterest and get more consistent with my posts for sure! #coolmumclub

  17. naomijadex5 Reply

    love the hashtag & tagging brands/people tip, I only just started doing this and don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! #coolmumclub

  18. thisscribblermum Reply

    Thank you for the great tips! As a new blogger, I know that I have a lot to learn and posts like this are really helpful. #coolmumclub

  19. Helen - cooking with my kids Reply

    Some great tips here. I’ve never done anything about giveaways – maybe that will be the next thing I look into. #coolmumclub

  20. Sleepingthroughyet Reply

    Really good tips here. Pinterest is something I really need to work on! #coolmumclub

  21. Annette, 3 Little Buttons Reply

    These are fab tips. Especially about being yourself, because when you are yourself it all just flows right? The community if definitely a huge thing and something that I’m so thankful for. #coolmumclub x

  22. Alice Letters to my Daughter Reply

    Sounds like you’ve come a long way in 3 years 🙂 I love your blog, you’ve done a great job! #coolmumclub

  23. Charlotte Stein Reply

    Im always grateful to these helpful posts, as I’m totally winging it! Please include more of these blog advice posts 🙂 I need to up my game on Pinterest #coolmumclub

  24. nightwisprav3n Reply

    With the exception of giveaways, which I still don’t know how to do and am not sure I want to, I do all of these things. Oh well, not so much on Pinterest though I am occasionally on there. Pinterest is just not really my cup of tea as I have come to realize but I am also involved in a few FB groups and Instagram groups so that helps and after almost three years I have a steady following which I love:) #CoolMumClub

  25. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... Reply

    Great advice. I set myself follower and page view goals but worry I will get over confident when I achieve them. I have smashed my Tots rating this month but now worried about a drop next month #coolmumclub

  26. Emma T Reply

    Some good basic advice here for those just starting out #coolmumclub

  27. The Queen of Collage Reply

    A brilliant post full of tips. Thanks for sharing #CoolMumClub

  28. Jo - Mother of Teenagers Reply

    Oh Sarah another great post that I am sure will inspire many of us to just keep on going. You upping your blogging to 7 times a week is impressive and must require such great dedication. I am in awe. When my blog crashed or was hacked recently I lost so much data as you know and am still minus 30% but of course in the 2 weeks in took to sort it all out I didn’t realise how much it would affect my stats. Of course they are not eye-watering and I like a bit of quality over quantity but it was really disheartening and that was when the community spirit kicked in and kept me going. There are some great tips here and they are all doable which gets a tick from me! 100 link-ups is impressive. Looking forward to the big celebration tomorrow! #coolmumclub

  29. Cheryl @ Tea or Wine Reply

    Great tips here thank you and I love that last one about being true to yourself!! Think we’ve been blogging about the same time, but I’ve come to realise that for me, blogging is more of a hobby than a job! #CoolMumClub xx

  30. crummymummy1 Reply

    I like posts like this – great tips & sage advice! #coolmumclub

  31. sensationallearning Reply

    Great tips and inspiration here, thank you! I also appreciate that all the advice feels pretty down to earth and doable xx #CoolMumClub

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