What to do if your elderly relative is being financially abused

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When we entrust the care of our elder relatives to professional carers, you would be right to expect them to receive the best care possible for the money you pay. Caregivers have usually gone under rigorous scrutiny with interviews, assessments, and background checks prior to starting on a job in a care home or hospital.

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Ways to #LoveYourLocalHospice this Valentines Day @ellenorcharity

February is the month of LOVE, and boy do we have so much love to give this year. The hug bank is overflowing, the weekends are empty and the idea of spreading a little love to those needing it right now is SO welcome.

But Love doesn’t just come in the form of cupids arrow, wobbly knees and lusting after the one of your dreams; Love truly is all around.

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Chain Reaction: Could Cycling Be The Ideal Sport For Your Home School?

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When school closures were whispered about this time last year, it seemed like we were on the brink of apocalypse. Parents, like everyone else, fluctuated between thinking ‘surely not’ and ‘we’re all doomed’. And, when the homeschooling bomb was finally dropped back in late March, it came as a huge blow, especially amidst predictions of ‘a doomed generation.’

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Becoming a sober Mum

It’s been a while since I reflected on how life is going alcohol free, since I packed in the bad habits almost three years ago in the late summer of 2018.

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Be My Valentine…with @Moonpig

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Whether or not you’re a household that goes big on Valentines day, let’s face it, 11 months in to a global pandemic we all embrace ANY reason to throw a celebration these days…

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The Nickelodeon Years

It feels like yesterday that I published blog posts about CBeebies and the joys of baby centric tots TV; In the Night Garden, Cloudbabies, Baby Jake Wooly and Tig, Let’s play and, for my sins, show me show me.

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The aspects of health that you shouldn’t overlook

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There are some aspects of our health that far too many of us are guilty of overlooking. In a way, that’s to be expected; it’s hard to stay on top of everything and make decisions that will help us maintain good health going forward. However, it can be done.

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Creating a kid friendly home

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No matter where you are in the world, if you have kids, a home is essential. It can be a mobile home, like an RV or van, or it can be a stationary home, like a house, condo, apartment, or trailer home. The type of home does not matter for the kids, because they may not know any different. Even if they have friends who live in houses, and they live in a van, the van is the “norm” for them. 

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Did Coronavirus propel us into the future, or the past?

As a kid, I had a pretty clear vision of how the future looked. I mean, the Jetsons had it all mapped out for us didn’t they?

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Home Work Outs with @FitwithFrank

Over the past five years my general fitness has improved (from a baseline of zero it really wasn’t hard) through running and the occasional bit of yoga courtesy of You Tube or a DVD I was bought for Christmas 2017.

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