I hate to start with ‘mum of two’ but that does, increasingly, define me. Having just been made redundant from my job of 14 years, my career, along with my social life and whole nights of sleep, will soon be a distant memory.

My girls were 3  (toddler G, TG, Tigs) and 8 months (BabyG, BBG, Dangermouse) at the time of starting my blog, June 2015. You do the maths. My long suffering husband, Mr G to you, and I are just about to hit our 10 year anniversary, and have transitioned together from twenty-something socialites to sofa dwelling sleep deprived ‘mum and dad’ in our mid thirties.

I love my girls, I love my husband and my home. I like to dabble in healthy eating and one of these days when I’m not so damn knackered, I will get out running again. I’ll share with you my attempts at interior design, and maybe the odd recipe.

Im also human. I like wine. I love crisps. I am master of putting my foot in it, and, in all honesty, sometimes I find being a mum is bloody hard. But also, and ultimately, great.

I have an affinity to all things cool #coolmumclub, sneaky shopping #hidethebags, and generally thinking out loud.

So, please kick back and enjoy my mumisms. I doubt my life will be the most exciting thing you’ve ever read, but if you’re reading you’re probably sharing some of this stuff with me. And after all, there’s gotta be a few million of us doing this parenting lark?

Let’s muddle through together.



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