Blogging as therapy

It’s something I read time and time again in various blog posts – how the cathartic process of writing about your problems can actually make them a little less heavy in your shoulders. more “Blogging as therapy”

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Just a stay at home Mum

As our car insurance came up for renewal I finally managed to a bit of price comparison online, and secure a better deal (winning, I know). I called up my existing insurer, who I won’t name and shame, and we ran few a few details to cancel my policy. It’d expire in ten days, and wouldn’t be renewed, to be superseded by the oh so much cheaper new provider.  more “Just a stay at home Mum”

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Guest post: 3 Money Tips for the Stay at Home Parent

Reducing from two salaries to one (in conjunction with increasing your household from two people to more) is no walk in the park. The financial impact for a stay at home parent is pretty obvious, and if you think it’s all coffee mornings, shopping and brunches you should think again. Being at home whilst trying not to spend isn’t easy, and there is a bigger picture to consider beyond the day to day self control of spending on bacon baps and lattes. more “Guest post: 3 Money Tips for the Stay at Home Parent”

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With two years’ service under my belt in my current position, it’s been a revelation that I’m actually in possession of the highly sought after thing called ‘Job satisfaction’.

I say job, but what I am talking about is being a stay at home parent. So actually, the total opposite of having a job. Well, on paper anyway. more “How to be a SAHM (SANE AT HOME MUM)”

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