#BoolinoFriends; My first encyclopedia of HOW?

In a world of fast moving technology, the internet and data, there just has to be a preservation of the beauty and simplicity of books. It’ something I feel so passionately about; I will often take a book for the kids read to the sidelines of swimming or gymnastics, to a restaurant or the doctors. A lone ranger in a world of kids glued to their parents phone. more “#BoolinoFriends; My first encyclopedia of HOW?”

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#HideTheBags for less with voucherism

Whilst I’ve confessed publicly that 2017 is going to see a new me; one who cuts back on impulsive shopping and less off the excessive materialism, there’s nothing like a change of season for a little bit of a splurge. more “#HideTheBags for less with voucherism”

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Create your own #MamaMerch with Mr Nutcase

You don’t have to look far these days to see Mama Merch popping up; all over the high street, your instagram feed and all over celeb Mums – plus on a few of us too?  more “Create your own #MamaMerch with Mr Nutcase”

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Tea with Santa at Elm court, a Wyevale garden centre (REVIEW)

If there’s one item at the top of any parents to do list in December, it has to be sorting out a visit to see the big guy himself. St Nick, Santa, Father Christmas…whatever you want to call him, he is a busy guy getting around every department store, garden centre, shopping precinct, school, nursery, kids party and hospital. Yet, the slots to go sit on his knee (well, actually I’m not sure that’s the done thing anymore?), particularly on an annual-leave-free- weekend, are like GOLDDUST. more “Tea with Santa at Elm court, a Wyevale garden centre (REVIEW)”

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Bertie & Jack wall art review

There was a time when my idea of wall art was a mass produced canvas print from Next / Ikea / Dunelm Mill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of all of the aforementioned stores for their household bits and bobs at affordable prices and on trend accessibility. However, my love for giant photos of misty lakes, sun peeping through Silver Birches, and strategically placed pebbles has diminished along with my ability to hold a drink and be awake past 9pm (often together).

Nowadays, I’m looking for something a little more unique, creative, personal and meaningful. Our wall art consists of local artists paintings, gallery walls of family photos and the odd squiggle by the kids. more “Bertie & Jack wall art review”

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Just us box : Indian summer indoor date night

If you can think of a thing, it’s likely you can get a monthly subscription to have it delivered to your door: health foods, baby gear, cosmetics, movies flowers…but as a parent of smalls, here’s one we could all do with: an indoor date night kit, the Just Us box. After all, I haven’t come across a monthly babysitter subscription yet, so this has to be the next best thing.

We’ve been mourning the death of date nights for a while now, so I, or should I say ‘we’, agreed to trial the August Just Us box. The theme was Indian Summer, pretty appropriate as it was delivered amidst the late summer scorchio heatwave. more “Just us box : Indian summer indoor date night”

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Get things done with Bidvine : Find local professionals

When it comes to hunting down a trades person, or finding a local service, it’s not always straight forward. Instead of playing games with google, being stood up by a builder, or telephone tennis with a toddler hanging off your leg, there is an easier way: Bidvine. If , like me you are all about efficiency when it comes to life admin, read on, this is one you’ll love. more “Get things done with Bidvine : Find local professionals”

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Review: Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat

Having agreed to review a Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat, I wondered if I might have to get the garden sprinkler out and get creative, as August heatwaves probably aren’t the best time to review an Autumn / Winter range of wet weather gear.

But then again, this is British summertime, and the good old blighty weather didn’t let me down. more “Review: Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat”

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Kidloland App Review & giveaway

I admit, I have never been a fan of seeing kids glued to ipads, iphones, games consoles. BUT. I get it. I’m a Mum, and sometimes we just need FIVE MINUTES PEACE in a way a jigsaw just ain’t gonna cut it. more “Kidloland App Review & giveaway”

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The G-unit go Ten Pin Bowling

As a family, we sometimes struggle for inspiration on things to do at the weekend, especially at this time of year. Soft play is out, obviously. Too cold and soggy for the park with a walker-in-training. Can’t face an epic long drive to the zoo / coast / farm. One child too little for the cinema…struggling, again.

So recently, since having the children, we have rediscovered the fun of ten pin bowling. When I say the fun, I’ll be totally honest, I’m pretty rubbish at it…but I am a huge lover of seeing my kids discovering new experiences, having a blast, and getting the whole family out of the house to enjoy something together, whatever the weather, away from the TV…oh, and also, NOT COOKING TEA. more “The G-unit go Ten Pin Bowling”

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