When kids party hard

If January is a month when social lives take a short break, then my kids didn’t get the memo. With a record tally of eight parties last month, including two double-bubble days, it has been a hardcore month of partying hard.

It’s a cliche parenting statement; “My kids have a better social life than me”, but seriously, when did I become the taxi driver of not one, but two tiny socialites? more “When kids party hard”

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How to host an epic Festival themed kids party

Having two children who were both born outside of the summer time was clearly quite bad planning on our part. It also means that birthdays forever more will involve either an uncomfortably overpopulated kitchen-diner or an overpriced rent-a-hall. It is with some envy I have sat back and watched other parents throw some beautifully simple summer garden parties and wished our child friendly garden was seeing some socialising action. more “How to host an epic Festival themed kids party”

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