Create an epic digital party invitation with mini-epic + #discount + #giveaway

As you already know, Tigs turns six in a few weeks and I’m planning a party for her at home. The theme she has requested is ‘Unicorn’, obvs, and I’m on the hunt for some little touches to make her party special. Just because you haven’t gone for a third party venue, doesn’t mean you have to lose those extra twinkly touches. After all you just saved a god damn fortune on hall hire… more “Create an epic digital party invitation with mini-epic + #discount + #giveaway”

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When kids party hard

If January is a month when social lives take a short break, then my kids didn’t get the memo. With a record tally of eight parties last month, including two double-bubble days, it has been a hardcore month of partying hard.

It’s a cliche parenting statement; “My kids have a better social life than me”, but seriously, when did I become the taxi driver of not one, but two tiny socialites? more “When kids party hard”

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A #halloween themed birthday party with @Tesco (every little helps)

We are throwing a Halloween themed second birthday party for Dangermouse this weekend. So here I am, in that ‘one week to go before the party’ zone and I’m quite frankly wondering what on earth I was thinking when this seemed a good idea.

more “A #halloween themed birthday party with @Tesco (every little helps)”

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WIN £30 Party Bag & Supplies for your kids party

Kids parties. Love them or loathe them they are part of the deal of parenting.

Your weekends will slowly be filled by them. Your cupboards will be filled with a never ending supply of sweets – more than your child could eat in a year. You’ll have three inches of party bag toys at the bottom of your toy boxes…don’t even think about throwing them away because your children can’t get enough of them.

more “WIN £30 Party Bag & Supplies for your kids party”

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