Mum Muddling Through…Christmas

It’s so close now you can almost smell it; The turkey cooking. The Baileys on ice. The roaring fire.

I’m feeling SO excited to have two (or should that be four?) ridiculously hyper people in the house on Christmas morning this year. As a massive overgrown kid myself when it comes to all things festive, I just know it’s going to be AMAZING!

Now, the magic of Christmas doesn’t come without a major amount of work for us Mums.  But by the big day itself, it’s time to forget the credit card bill, enjoy the fruit of your MANY hours of Christmas shopping labour, watch the presents you tirelessly wrap be unwrapped in a fraction of the time, and sit back, and store up those memories which you worked so hard to create.

Now, as a newish Blogger, I of course, needed to write the all important ‘Christmas traditions I love etc etc post’. So here it is, Mum Muddling Through Christmas…an A to Z of what makes this time of year so wonderful for me & mine…
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Hide The Bags #5: It’s Christmas!

Okay, okay…so it’s not quite Christmas but we are DEFINITELY now in December and that means all you Mums and Dads are probably busy scouring the shops and the web for those special gifts to make the big day magical. Some of you won’t have started, and some of you will smugly be admiring your parcels already wrapped, stockings stuffed. Either way, there will definitely be a lot of hiding of bags going on in homes everywhere.
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