#BoolinoFriends; My first encyclopedia of HOW?

In a world of fast moving technology, the internet and data, there just has to be a preservation of the beauty and simplicity of books. It’ something I feel so passionately about; I will often take a book for the kids read to the sidelines of swimming or gymnastics, to a restaurant or the doctors. A lone ranger in a world of kids glued to their parents phone. more “#BoolinoFriends; My first encyclopedia of HOW?”

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Children’s book review: Emmy and the Whale

In the many happy memories of my childhood there are so many books that I can still remember to this day. Some were made to be handled by us kids, and others were made to be out of reach of teeny hands and felt tip pens – to be respected, treasured and loved into adulthood. My favourite was a hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland, which didn’t so much entice me by the small print and long drawn out story, as the magical quirky pictures that adorned each page. more “Children’s book review: Emmy and the Whale”

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Childrens Book Review: Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion clocks

Our eldest daughter has always loved a picture book or three at bedtime. She has her favourites (Disney drivel) and we have our favourites (the short ones). Just kidding of course, bedtime is a special time and we love our snuggles, chats about the day, and a story to send her off to dreamland.

I was hesitant at first about reviewing Sarah Hill’s latest release of The Whimsy Wood series, Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion clocks, as it is aimed to age five and upwards. Tig’s is just turned four. However, on Sarah’s recommendation (us Sarah’s gotta stick together), and knowing how much our Tigs loves fairies / magic / blowing dandelions I figured we had nothing to lose.  more “Childrens Book Review: Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion clocks”

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