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I was so looking forward to meeting Tilly from Mummy Rules for the second time at #Blogfest16 having met her at #BML16 earlier in the summer. Tilly is so loveable and easy to get on with, her blog reflects exactly how she was in real life. I was absolutely gutted to hear that Tilly had to bail from #Blogfest16 due to Mum-commitments (i.e. sicky kids situation) so here is a little piece of Tilly for you all to love, and to lift her vom-instead-of-conference week.

We missed you Tilly!


Hello there, Cool Mums Club, it is I, Tilly at Mummy Rules here to introduce myself at last. The truth is, I’m not a very good blogger. If this was a Blogging School I would be told off a lot for not handing my homework in on time and not putting enough effort in. The fact is, I’m not the most regular contributor, I just write when I can, when I fancy it or when my feelings are bursting to be written down!

In January this year, I started Mummy Rules heavily pregnant and restless. I was waiting for my second baby and everything was ready, except there was something lurking in the back of my mind….

I had a few unresolved feelings from my first birth and the newborn experience. I suddenly felt an urge to write about it…which I did one day, in my first post, Landing on Another Planet. I’ve always loved writing since I was a little girl: writing my feelings and expanding my imagination has always given me an enormous sense of calm and well-being, so it’s no surprise that after that I felt much better after writing my first ever blog post.

For some mad reason, I then pressed “publish” and with butterflies in my tummy, shared it with my friends and family. I was so relieved and happy to find how much it seemed to resonate with people; I received messages from friends saying how much they appreciated the honesty and how it made them laugh. I recall that around the same time, Louise and Lucy from Pink Pear Bear and This Mums Life tweeted me to ask if I wanted to join in with the linky they were starting. What the hell is that?! I thought, and said “of course!” I linked up the day after my baby was born. Madness! Straight away, the blogging world had hooked me in. I felt like I’d joined a secret club…it was amazing, addictive and eye opening. I soon found my favourite Linkys, #coolmumsclub, #chucklemums and of course #bigpinklink (I hope it’s ok to name drop others here?!!), joined Mumsnet Blogging Network and started making some great friends – at local blogging get-togethers and online.


The trouble is, I had found myself with not one, but two new babies in February. A second perfect little girl (planned), and a blog called Mummy Rules (a happy accident). In the beginning I got used to a lack of sleep and found myself writing at crazy hours when I was awake with my baby. Then, a few things happened. We moved house. My husband took a job away for 3 months. And (with the exception of the first two weeks after moving which were horrendous) baby started sleeping through the night. With a new location, flying solo and being reunited with my long lost beautiful friend sleep, blogging has very much taken a back step. I fell behind at Blogging School over the summer and goodness knows if I will ever catch up. I admire and envy bloggers at the top of my class, who post every week, or twice a week!

My posts tend to be funny, although I don’t mean them to be; when describing a challenging day with the children I suddenly become very light hearted about it all (whereas in reality I might have been sobbing in the loo at one point, stuffing a Freddo into my mouth for comfort). It’s therapy…

Talking of hiding in the loo, I’m a ‘stay at home mum’ *cringes at that phrase* so I do look after my daughters 24/7. It hasn’t always been like that; I used to work full time in a law firm and officially qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive the same week that I gave birth to my first. But rather than put my years of experience and study into practice, I immediately found myself entering another job with no training whatsoever: MOTHERHOOD; and haven’t returned to law since! As any mother knows, parenting it’s the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. There are times when I would swap a cold tea and watching Ben & Holly for the umpteenth time, for a hot tea and a full lunch hour with my colleagues; but there are also plenty of times where I think how much I prefer to be pushing my daughter on a swing in the park to sitting in a boardroom in an uncomfortable suit…


The last thing to say is that I have a book in me… I’ve written a few chapters and I’m really excited every time I think about it…my aim is to finish it before…my daughters are old enough to get their ears pierced?!

Well I think that’s about enough. If you’d like to hear more, then do take a look at my blog Mummy Rules.

Thanks so much for having me Sarah.

Tilly x

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21 thoughts on “#coolmumclub: Meet the members…Mummy Rules

  1. sarahandlouisemumstheword Reply

    Beautiful! We love you Tilly x

  2. Sunita Reply

    Great post Tilly, so cool to hear more about you. Wow handling a baby on your own for 3 months must have been tough! I really don’t think there are any rules about blogging – WE set the rules, they’re OUR blogs and OUR lives. I know we may put too much pressure on ourselves. Nobody can physically be a full-time blogger as we have lives to live after all and there are other fun things we like to do 😉 x Sunita #coolmumclub

  3. Mummy Muckups (Anna) Reply

    And what a beautiful baby it is! Love this world of blogging. Completely get the cry/chocolate shove. #coolmumclub

  4. beautybabyandme Reply

    I love your writing Tilly and it’s fab reading a bit more about yourself. Very excited about the prospect of you writing a book too! xx #coolmumclub

  5. Back With A Bump Reply

    This aounds fab and all the best eoth writing a book! #coolmumclub

  6. Chilli Regina Reply

    Another cool mum!! I can relate, when you say that writing makes you very light hearted about the struggles you may go trough during the day… I noticed that with myself too. Nothing is so bad as I thought it was when it’s on “paper” and humor sneaks in without me knowing that!:)

  7. bobsys mum (@stressed_mummy_) Reply

    Well done on even starting your book. I write a page every now and then!! #coolmumclub

  8. Janine Reply

    Sounds like Tilly and I have quite a lot in common when it comes to blogging. I also write just when I feel like it. That might be twice a week or twice a month. I’ve also been known to take 3 Month breaks when needed. I know many bloggers like to blog every day or at least every other day but I just don’t have it in me. I write when I have something to get off my chest and I try to make it light hearted too, even though many a time I have also been found sobbing in the loo, but hey – you don’t want your blog to be all doom and gloom do you. I look forward to hearing more from Tilly soon and will be looking out for her blog from now no.

    (Unhinged mummy stopping by from #coolmumclub). Thanks for hosting MMT

  9. Island Living (@islandliving365) Reply

    Yaaaaaay! I love Tilly’s blog and Tilly and exciting about the book. Yaaaaaay #coolmumclub

  10. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Ahhhh love Tilly! Much excitement on the book front – woo! Can we have a launch with all of #coolmumclub involved please! xx

  11. Winnettes Reply

    This is brilliant! Good luck with the book, I love the time frame… I think blogging when you can is the best way, it is definitely therapy.

  12. Five Little Doves Reply

    I love this, very funny but also so much I can relate to! I used to blog solely when I had the time, but over this last month I’ve had a mad rush of reviews and giveaways and it’s reminded me why I prefer to just write when and as I feel like it. I’m definitely going back to that in the new year! #coolmumclub

  13. thetaleofmummyhood Reply

    A lovely read, we’ve all been sat in the toilet eating chocolate at some point haha!!


  14. Ursula (AKA Mumbelievable) Reply

    So lovely to get to know you better! Cheering you on for the book lovely. #coolmumclub Xxx

  15. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I like your style! Blogging really does feel like a secret club doesn’t it? Nobody else in my world really knows anything about it and they certainly don’t get it, but once you’re in it’s like a whole new world! Fab to find out more about you Tilly. Such a shame you couldn’t make it to Blogfest this year but I hope to meet you at the next one maybe? xx #coolmumclub

  16. Mrs Mummy Harris Reply

    It sounds like Tilly had a tough few months (I don’t think I could do three months alone) lovely to meet you and I’ll check out your blog #coolmumclub

  17. rockandrosesmama Reply

    Oooooooh I am excited and intrigues about the book!!! Heading over to your blog now <3

  18. Helena Reply

    Love it you do all the different courses, training for jobs and such. That you kind of assume there’d be one for motherhood too. #coolmumclub

  19. Carol Cameleon Reply

    Lovely to hear how your blog was ‘born’ Tilly! The book sounds fab! #coolmumclub

  20. Something About Baby Reply

    Love this story, I hope you get further in your book writing than I did! #coolmumclub

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