Guest post: 11 amazing ideas to make your house awesome

Who wouldn’t want their house to be awesome? It’s pretty high up there on the life goals, somewhere just ahead of a Mulberry handbag and just behind having a healthy happy family and friends etc. more “Guest post: 11 amazing ideas to make your house awesome”

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How to save money on household items

I am constantly trying to think up ways I can claw back a bit of the household cash…especially when it comes to spending out on the dullest of dull. It’s not easy because the boring bits have to be bought don’t they? I mean, no family can get far without a 9 pack of loo roll or a couple of 6 pinters of milk. Lets face it, I’d rather be spending that money somewhere much more fun. Like Eurodisney. Or even the local pub. Or come to think of it even in the clothing section of the local supermarket (sad but true).

There are definitely hacks and savings to be made…it’s just a case of knowing where to find them. more “How to save money on household items”

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Ollie & Leila Childrens bed linen review

There a few better simple pleasures in life, than new bedding. Fact. In the total selflessness that motherhood brings, I get a weird amount of satisfaction from making the girls up deliciously cosy fresh new beds for them to dive into, bathed, in clean PJs and smelling like soap.  more “Ollie & Leila Childrens bed linen review”

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Bertie & Jack wall art review

There was a time when my idea of wall art was a mass produced canvas print from Next / Ikea / Dunelm Mill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of all of the aforementioned stores for their household bits and bobs at affordable prices and on trend accessibility. However, my love for giant photos of misty lakes, sun peeping through Silver Birches, and strategically placed pebbles has diminished along with my ability to hold a drink and be awake past 9pm (often together).

Nowadays, I’m looking for something a little more unique, creative, personal and meaningful. Our wall art consists of local artists paintings, gallery walls of family photos and the odd squiggle by the kids. more “Bertie & Jack wall art review”

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Go outside the lines: Wall art review

I never tire of finding innovative kids products which capture the kids imagination, and a moment in time. Combine that with a original piece of artwork for our home, a talking point, and a comedy edge…perfection, right? more “Go outside the lines: Wall art review”

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Girls Bedroom Ideas; Needing inspiration…

You may be starting to gather that I love a bit of tinkering around with rooms at home…

It’s been a couple of years since we decorated either of the girls’ rooms. For Tigs, we went for the trademark white walls, brightened up with a feature wall of pastel fitted wardrobes. The colours were all left overs from odds and ends around the house and the splash of colour is just enough to brighten up the wall without being too garish. We also upcycled an old drawer unit to match. more “Girls Bedroom Ideas; Needing inspiration…”

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Creating a Spa Inspired bathroom…in a small space

As a Mum, on a budget, trips to the Spa are a bit of a rare event. Like, never. That said, one little treat that is a bit more accessible, and realistic is a lovely hot soak in a big bubbly bath.

With that in mind, when we redesigned our bathroom last year, we wanted to achieve a tranquil, relaxing environment where we could soak away the day.
more “Creating a Spa Inspired bathroom…in a small space”

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Home wishlist 2016

I could (or should that be do) LITERALLY spend hours day dreaming about the things I’d like to do around the house. They are of course, mostly day dreams, especially with us now being a one income family.

We have decided we would use some of my redundancy pay to do some bits around the house…but how do you choose?

Here’s the shortlist…
more “Home wishlist 2016”

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Our Big Build: Let there be light

When planning a renovation, considering the lighting is something not to be overlooked, or, ahem, be in the dark about.

The day an electrician turned up (unexpectedly) to ask where each wire needed to be on our framework for sockets and lighting, I was relieved we had somewhat discussed what we thought we’d like, but also slightly panicked that I might get it all wrong. No going back, right?

So, here’s some top tips to share with you…
more “Our Big Build: Let there be light”

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Hide the bags #3; Calm kitchen

As you already know (OUR BIG BUILD) we spent the early summer building our dream kitchen…so it would be rude not to fill it with some gorgeousness, in the form of an a selection of accent coloured accessories.

more “Hide the bags #3; Calm kitchen”

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