Behind bars for disturbing the peace: Installing a stair gate on a toddlers bedroom door

I think it’s highly likely we released the mouse from her cot captivity a little too soon. That’s easy to say now, but in the name of progress, there’s no going back.  more “Behind bars for disturbing the peace: Installing a stair gate on a toddlers bedroom door”

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Toddler High Tea

As you may recall from some previous posts, our youngest dangermouse has an aversion to the two things every parent prays for: Sleep and eating. more “Toddler High Tea”

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This week we have mostly been Googling…18 month sleep regression

When you have a bad sleeper, you don’t really imagine things (i.e.sleep, or lack of it) could get any worse. An average night with Dangermouse, age 18 months, normally involves several zombie state trips round the corner into her room, to fumble around for her bunny-rag and dummy (patting around the bed / her face in the process), re-establishing a happy, sucky, cuddly state, and collapsing back into our own bed. Repeat 2-8 times, alternating turns with increasing frustration. more “This week we have mostly been Googling…18 month sleep regression”

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The dip dip diaries: Living with a fussy eater

“Getting your child to eat a meal has to be the single, most stressful part of parenting”

One of MMTs friends, over a cuppa, March 2016

Such a simple statement, but so, so true.

If you have ever been reduced to tears over a spaghetti bolognese, or held your head in your hands over a fishermans pie, you know exactly what we’re talking about. more “The dip dip diaries: Living with a fussy eater”

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Having a Baby? The stuff you REALLY need on your shopping list….

We probably all had a pre-baby shopping list. Joyfully and excitedly listing the oh so obvious bits and pieces we would need when our little bundle of joy arrived. It probably went something like this…

more “Having a Baby? The stuff you REALLY need on your shopping list….”

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The magic formula: Milky memoirs

As we celebrated Dangermouses first birthday a fortnight ago, it was a double celebration in our house. As you already know, she’s always been one to battle every feed, and we could have probably holidayed to Bali on wasted milk costs.

So, it was with great pleasure that the last box of formula was Rugby Kicked out of the door on bin day with a force Jonny Wilkinson would have been proud of.

To tell you the truth, a few weeks before her birthday, I started reducing the volume of formula and adding a splash of cows milk. I have no idea if this was helpful or not, but I did it with Tigs and hoped it might prevent a shock in a different tasting milk on the day of her first birthday.
more “The magic formula: Milky memoirs”

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Ditching the dummy (epic fail)

[Other possible titles for this blog included ‘Feeling like the worlds worst mother’, ‘Epic parenting fail’, ‘breaking the baby’ and ‘Has anyone seen my sanity?’]

So Dangermouse, she, like a gerzillion other babies, has a dummy. I have to be entirely honest, I’m not a fan of seeing peachy little cherub faces with a coloured chunk of plastic in. I don’t want to be judgmental about it, I don’t want to cause a tidal wave of debate, I’m just being wholeheartedly open on the matter.
more “Ditching the dummy (epic fail)”

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‘Tis the season …of seasonal asthma, colds and viruses.

No sooner had we all gushed about relishing digging out our jeans and boots, and instagramming beautiful photos of orange leaves, then we are cursing this damn season for the other joys it brings.

Pre children, the biggest dilemma a cough or cold brought was whether my snotty nose could justify a duvet day, or whether it would be a career limiting move, frowned upon by my colleagues.

As a new mum, I remember agonising whether I should cancel every play date or outing to a park, children’s centre or soft play at the very sight of a snotty nose.

We have certainly come a long way since then.
more “‘Tis the season …of seasonal asthma, colds and viruses.”

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Having a second baby: The fear vs the reality

We never for a moment hesitated on whether to have another baby, after our first. The ‘when’ question was overrun by a sequence of events; life took a path seemingly a destined fate, as it so often does.

None the less, we still had a LOT of worries about facing life with two. Almost a year into becoming a four-piece, here’s a little look back at the details we fretted over, and how it panned out for us.

more “Having a second baby: The fear vs the reality”

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9 types of sleep deprivation

I’m sorry. I was that smug Mum that you got chatting to who you wanted to poke in the eye, as she described how her baby slept all night every night from a ridiculously young age. I realise now how much you must have hated me.

I hope it consoles you that I am paying for it now. ‘No two babies are the same’; never was a truer word said when it comes to sleep, in our house.
more “9 types of sleep deprivation”

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