I get that not everyone digs the whole new year resolutions thing. I mean, after all aren’t they statistically doomed for failure? I’m all for a bit of goal setting though – what harm can come from reflecting on where you’ve been, and reset your markers for where you want to go.  more “TWENTYSEVENTEEN”

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As Christmas and my planned blogging break grows closer, there is just one post left to publish. Which is a good thing as I still have so so much to do and I need to switch off from the blog.

I’ve always admired those who manage to celebrate life with a regular gratitude list – monthly, weekly or even daily. Maybe that’s something I’ll try and do next year, or maybe I’ll just manage an annual look back and smile.

So what did 2016 mean to me? more “TWENTYSIXTEEN”

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The health hazards of blogging

Does anyone really know the long term health risks associated with blogging? I consider myself a mere toddler in the lifespan of a blogger, however I’m already noticing some RSI (bogging associated) flare ups…

more “The health hazards of blogging”

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The weirdness of blogging

I’ve made no secret that I’m a little bit shy about my blog. I suppose a big part of that, is that I just haven’t quite come to terms with my position as a blogger. Even though I’m passionate about my blog, my message and my readers, I still feel a bit weirded out by the whole thing.

more “The weirdness of blogging”

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The Linky Linky With Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Just when you thought every Linky was covered, Claire aka Life Love and Dirty Dishes only went and had a genius moment. A Linky for Linkys. A moment of clarity in the hustle and bustle of the blogging world just appeared. This is certainly an anchor I’ll keep coming back to to establish exactly where we are, as things constantly ebb and change in the dynamic platform of blogging.  more “The Linky Linky With Life Love and Dirty Dishes”

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#Blogfest16 roundup, with thanks to #AdventuresInFruit

On Saturday, I headed over to Kings Cross for #Blogfest16, the blogging conference held annually by Mumsnet in London.

Having already made the step into the ‘real world’ side of blogging back in June for #BML16, I’m glad to say I was feeling way more relaxed and comfortable about getting stuck into what the Mumsnet #Blogfest16 had to offer. I also had the added bonus of having @AdventuresInFruit backing me, so I wanted to do them proud in representing their brand. more “#Blogfest16 roundup, with thanks to #AdventuresInFruit”

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Introducing my #Blogfest16 sponsor, #Adventuresinfruit

I wasn’t planning on attending any more blogging conferences this year. BML16 was an incredible experience, but the build up, the anxiety, the buzz, the info overload and the social networking (of the face to face variety) left me somewhat drained. Don’t get me wrong, it was epic – I loved it, but like the post newborn baby recovery stage, I wasn’t planning on doing it again for a while.

But then something hit. It’s called FOMO. more “Introducing my #Blogfest16 sponsor, #Adventuresinfruit”

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Mum Muddling Through…a Blogging Conference

As someone who is ridiculously over organised, and cursed with obscene punctuality, the preparation for my first blog conference, #BML16, has been quite a long haul. Tickets purchased at an early bird rate in November, meant not only a money saver (ker-ching), but also plenty of time to cack your pants get in the zone. more “Mum Muddling Through…a Blogging Conference”

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My blog birthday: What I did (and didn’t) achieve in a year of blogging….

The years of my children’s lives are flying by, as everyone said they would. None more so than my third baby, So, from one cliche to the next, this post is to wish my blog a happy first birthday. more “My blog birthday: What I did (and didn’t) achieve in a year of blogging….”

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Developing a blog strategy

When I first started blogging, almost a year ago, my posts were somewhat erratic in frequence. I’d write when I felt inspired, and hit publish when I thought the post was good to go. There was definitely no planning, no scheduling and absolutely no strategy. more “Developing a blog strategy”

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